Malou's POV

Nagising na lang ako sa isang masangsang na amoy...

Isang amoy na hinding-hindi ko makakalimutan kung saan nanggaling...

"Hey there, Slowpoke. Long time no see, right?" one of the girls who liked to order me around said.

"Oh come on, Debby. Kakagising pa lang niya eh. Leave her alone and let Annie confront her."sabi nung si Lacey habang naglalaro ng Happy Jump sa Ipad niya.

"Pathetic little bitches. Can't you just volume down a bit? I'm sleepy as hell so Please?"sabi nung isa.. Uhm.. Yung si Mariah I suppose.

Then for a little while they became silent.

Then an intruder harshly kicked the door which led to the aching of my Ears..

"Tae naman oh. Annie. Kahit ikaw ang right hand ni boss ay ibig sabihin nun ay pwede mo nang sirain ang tulog ko!"sabi ni Mariah

"Guess what. You can't do anything now that I ruined your sleep. Get out of this room. ALL OF YOU. Kung ayaw niyo pang makita si Satanas ng Maaga."sabi ni Annie which I suppose to be Kaely's little sister.

And as how she commanded those girls. I can say that she's in a bad mood.

Nagsindi siya ng sigarilyo at nagbuga ng usok..

Tapos biglang tumingin siya sa akin..

"Oh. Sorry I forgot about you." sabi niya sa akin tapos ibinato niya ang natira sa sigarilyo niya..

Then she lit a new one..

"Didn't I tell you ALL to get out?" she said then she smiled sheepishly at me.

"If it's possible then I would have got out of here the first time I got here. Besides who would want to be stuck with you?"I said then I just closed my eyes and I counted to 5.. Kalma lang malou..

And Ghad...

I wished to have just be alert on what she will do!

Nilagay niya yung burning end ng sigarilyo niya sa may Pisngi ko..


"What the hell was that Devil?"I shouted at the top of my lungs bacause of the Pain and anger I felt inside of me...

"It's just a welcome gift from Satan. She's excited to see where your mission will end up. And I'm definitely NOT happy about what Your doing... Your Taking up my time and I hate people taking up my time..."sabi niya tapos naglabas siya ng Balisong...

"I can slit your throat at this moment..."sabi niya tapos itinapat niya yung balisong sa leeg ko...

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