Chapter 4

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Brooke Ashman (after makeover) on the right

C H A P T E R  4

Just one more day, Brooke Ashman thought, gritting her teeth.

It was health class, and it seemed like the gods were punishing her for mocking the ever so popular Juan Mitchell.

The health class was mortifying – of all the topics they were discussing, or rather, mocking, they were discussing on how to manage your weight well.

Brooke could already hear the gods laughing up there.

"Now class," A bespectacled woman in a hideous shade of pink smiled at them, clearly not realising that this class would be a chaos before the bell even rang. Glasses pushed her glasses up and proceeded to smooth her frumpy A-line skirt that seemed like what 90 year old grandmothers would wear. "Today, we're going to discuss how we can go about managing your weight well," She said, tapping on the board which had WEIGHT written on it in large loopy letters. "What do you have in mind," She continued, proceeding to circle the word on the board, "When you hear the word 'weight'?"

The class burst into barely muffled giggles. Juan's laughter was one of the loudest of all. Yes, he was in the class, much to Brooke's horror. Instead of feeling the triumph she expected to have for finally (finally!) getting back to the Jerk himself, she only felt the ever-so-familiar blush of embarrassment. She expected Juan to take revenge on her anytime soon, so she was now currently trying to keep herself low. Stay off Juan's radar. And just luck would have it, the school decided to organise a health class to encourage them to make better and fitter choices. Much to her dismay, the random grouping of classes had grouped her together with Juan.


"Mrs Smith," Juan called out. "May I answer that question?"

"Sure!" Mrs Smith said brightly, not realising that she was about to land herself in hot water. "No answers are wrong, so feel free to answer!"

"Well," Juan pretended to think. He tapped a neatly trimmed fingernail on his chin which caused his arm-muscles to flex (of which Brooke swore a girl fainted immediately upon seeing that). "Whenever I think of the 'weight'," He paused dramatically, "I would think of my friend Brooke Ashman!"

Friend? Friend?! What did he just say?! Brooke was no friend of his. What was he doing?

The teacher laughed nervously. "Now Mister -"

"Mitchell," Juan offered with an angelic smile on his face.

"Mr Mitchell," The teacher glanced around nervously, sweat starting to form on her shiny forehead. "Who is this Miss Brooke Ashman that you're talking about?"

"She's right here," Juan continued to smile angelically at the teacher as he pointed at Brooke. "She's so big, how can you miss her?"

So this was his plan of revenge? Mocking her in front of the whole class, who had begun giggling and pointing at her? Fine. She'd play along.

Brooke put on her innocent-puppy-look on her face, along with her special pity-me-please which she had practised secretly in her room to make her mom grab a packet of Mars Bar at the supermarket. "I am Brooke." She said softly, forcing herself to make her eyes glisten as though she was about to cry.

"Oh, hello, Brooke!" Mrs Smith smiled at her, clearly shocked at the largeness of Brooke.

"Well you see," Juan continued, "Brooke is the perfect example of weight. She is carrying around her a weight that is heavier than me and you put together. So whenever weight is mentioned, I think of her." He said, putting on a sincere look. "Not to mock her or anything, though," He said, looking straight at the teacher.

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