Chapter 1 (edited)

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hey evreyone! I will be editing this book chapter by chapter! I really feel like i can make the story soooo much better. Dont read the non edited chapters because it wont make sense. Ill be labeling the edited chapters as (edited). ENJOY!!!


"Amina!! Get your bottom down here now!" My sister yelled at from down stairs. I hated when she did this. I'm too lazy to get up and she's too lazy to come and just wake me up.

"Whaaaat!" I shouted back while sitting up abruptly. I sighed. She isn't going to answer so I just got up and stomped to the bathroom. I turned the light on and ---


I looked like a trash can. Is that even possible? My hair was disheveled and my eyes looked like black holes. The never ending mystery of space.

Staying up to watch Supernatural was so worth it, but now I'm starting to regret it. I sighed and took out my tooth brush and brushed my teeth. Took a shower and headed back to my room. I opened the closet. Sigh I have no clothes was going through my head even though the clothing was practically one on top of another. I picked some light coffee loose fitting trousers and a black long sleeved high-low blouse. I then picked out a coffee colored hijab as well and wrapped it around my head. Oh god and some concealer around my eyes. The mirror knows I needed it.

I saw my mom sitting on the dining table eating strawberries. When she looked at me she did a double take. "Amina you look like a mess. What did you do last night? Wrestle an elephant?" She asked with her heavy arabic accent.

Ugh no mom. I wrestled demons with Sam and Dean! But I didn't dare say that or she'll think I'm irresponsible. Which I'm not. Yesterday was a weakness. 

I went straight to the kitchen and took out Nutella and bread. I loved Nutella and nothing can break up my baby and I.

My sister then walked and shot me a nasty look. "I still can't believe you got the job. I mean your messy, irresponsible, and lazy!." She said.

If I didn't have this delicious mixture of chocolate and bread in my mouth I would have came up with a really good comeback but I didn't want to disrespect the Nutella.

I stuffed my mouth even more. That made matters worse. I looked over to her with puffy cheeks and she huffed.

"Mom! Look at this face! How?!" She yelled. She poked my enlarged cheeks. I blinked and then swatted her hand away. 

I swallowed. "Dania if you were so good then why weren't you picked for the job." 


I walked out and got in my car. It was a black Jeep Wrangler. Just bought this little friend of mine from saving up all summer from my last horrible job. That's why this time I'm working as a secretary. Yes me! I was so excited for better pay and amazing work experience. 

Was I getting ahead of myself? Probibly.  

Although some previous freinds of mine who worked for this company warned me that the CEO was not to mess with. He was unfair and demanding but I didn't believe in that. I needed this job to help me bump up in my career. But I won't be working in the same room. My little office will be outside of his. All I gotta do is help him complete papers and work out his appointments. That's what my mother informed me before I began working. I really didn't want to be doing a haram job so this the best here in New York.

I started my car and headed to my new job. 



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