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My biggest pet peeve had always been tardiness. I hated running late, I hated others running late and I absolutely despised getting stood up. It happened more times than I care too admit, and it has become something that came with having the surname Taylor. To most people, Taylor was a common last name, you could probably name about twenty people off the top of your head with that name - but not around here. The surname Taylor wasn't something you mumbled lightly or threatened by any means. My family had made their reputation quite known around the city- and not in a good way.
We owned a few bars and nightclubs scattered around the city, hidden in the corners where only certain, exclusive people could find them. The nightclubs were always on the news, threatening to be shutdown for not meeting the certain requirements of safety. There had been a handful of deaths, getting shaken off for suspected drug overdoses or a fight gone wrong - but anyone who had common sense knew there was more to it. There were too many deaths in a short period of time for that to always be the reason. I'll be the first to admit my family wasn't perfect, there was more to our family then meets the eye and things that happened within those clubs that I didn't agree with, but they were my family and blood will forever be thicker than water.

And given that, you'd understand why it was so hard to get a guy to even glance in my direction. I came from a large family, and being the only girl, apart from my mother, with three older brothers, you'd understand the fear they gave to potential dates when I did get them. I had never been on more than one date with a guy because of my family. Whether that was because they would scare him off or if the guy found out who my brothers were. They were overprotective to say the least, but I tried my best to accomodate my taste to theirs. I went to the fighters to the good boys, from the gang members to the business men, but nope. They never gave anyone the time of day, leaving me dateless and lonely.

I tapped my foot lightly against the pavement of the sidewalk impatiently, glancing down at my phone every few minutes, confirming that yes, it was in fact twelve AM, and yes, he was in fact very late. I had just finished my shift at the Queens Bar - despite all my protests to my mother. You'd assume having your family own it, you'd be able to pick and choose your shifts and not make your date pick you up at twelve AM like some street hooker - but no. To be fair, I didn't even need to work there. My family had enough money to support me through every day life, but I had insisted at a young age that I was to make my own money. Unfortunately, nobody in my family agreed with that and had set out to make my work life as difficult as possible in hopes I would quit. It hadn't happened yet, and I refused to back down. I was at stubborn as they all were.
In saying that, my mother wouldn't let me change my shift around when I had asked, and now I was waiting on the side of the street, as drunk people past me, waiting like an idiot for Timothy Brady. He was late though, very late. By my standards at least.

Despite hating when I, or anyone else, was late, I decided it was in my best interest to give Timothy Brady a break. He has the only guy in months to actually acknowledge me and had enough balls to ask me out on a date, and I felt like that was enough points to earn him a bit of leeway when it came to his time management. Who cares if he was fifteen minutes late? At least he was coming. I didn't have a lot of friends due to the infamous reputation of my family, and I actually liked getting out of the house, even if it meant that I was going on a date. Whatever got me that social interaction, you know.

I pulled out my phone once again, trying my best to ignore the time ticking away, and pulled up my camera to examine my face. I rubbed my ruby red lips a little, wiping away the smudged lipstick from the corner of my mouth. If I had known he was going to be this late, I wouldn't of forced myself to get ready in the disgusting bathroom of the bar within five minutes.

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