Chapter Fourty Two

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Hey guys! Sorry I took so long to update! School has no chill -.- Anyways, it has come to my attention that the video that I put on the last chapter did not work for some of you guys. If you would like to watch it, please go on YouTube and type in HARRY POTTER- THIS IS WAR_ 30 Seconds To Mars- exactly like that and click on the one with the title that is exactly like that xD It's a great video and a great song! Please consider watching it!! Any ways, here's Chapter Fourty Two... the final chapter............... LOL JK.

These deatheaters were everywhere! You were currently fighting one, and she was pretty skilled. You backed up to get some space, but you tripped on a rock.

Ugh, typicall.

Then, someone stunned her. You looked around.

George helped you up. "I'm not about to lose you."

You smiled and hugged him.

You and George stuck together for the rest of the fight, defending each other and killing off every last dark witch and wizard that your path.


Draco paced in his room, his hand holding the jewlery box.

He wondered if you were safe. What exactly were you up to?

Damn. What the actual hell was he doing!?

He grabbed another black suit from his closet and rushed to take a bath.

The water was warm and felt good on his aching body.

He washed away blood from gashes, cuts, and scrapes and washed the ash and dirt from his hair, face, and body.

And as quickly as he got in, he got out.

He put on his clean suit and went to his room.

He threw the dirty suit on his bed and grabbed his comb from the night stand.

He looked in his mirror and combed his hair quickly.

He went towards his door but paused.


He went back to his dirty suit and reached into his pants pocket.

The jewelry box.

He put it in the pocket of the pants he was currently wearing and then walked out of his room.

He walked down the hall to the stairs, down the stairs, very quickly to the front door.


He froze right when his hand touched the door knob.

He turned around to face Lucius.

"Where do you think you're going?" He asked.

"No where you should know of." Draco replied.

"Don't sass me! Where are you going!?"


"Why?" Lucius crossed his arms.

"I'm going for (y/n)."

Lucius laughed. "She's dead, son. Your aunt killed her in front of us, remember?"

Draco glared and shook his head. "No. She's alive. And YOU can't keep me from her! I'm sick and tired of you telling me how to live my life! Not anymore, father! I love her and you cannot change that!"

Draco turned around and opened the door, walking outside and slamming it shut.

He then took off, on his way back to Hogwarts.

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