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When Hollis Rosier woke up in the morning after a dreamless sleep with a small smirk on her face. Swinging her legs out of bed, Hollis looked at Narcissa, who was already brushing her long, silky hair in the silver framed mirror with snakes carved on the edges. 

"Morning, Cissa," Hollis greeted the pale girl nodding in her direction as her bare feet hit the chilled, dark wooden floor. 

Narcissa frowned slightly and looked at Hollis through the mirror's reflection. The Rosier never spoke to her in the morning, she usually just put her things on in a rush and went to go meet some Gryffindors for breakfast.

The Black girl also felt a bit odd replying to Hollis after what she had done to her. Narcissa was well aware that the cut on Hollis's leg was her fault. If she hadn't given that map to Theodore, Roldolphus, and Lucius, then Hollis would have never gotten hurt. 

Narcissa had quickly realized that her jealousy wasn't worth Hollis being in that much pain and had felt quite a bit of guilt after Halloween for what she had caused. Jealousy didn't bring out the best in anyone, but when it was displayed in someone as clever as Narcissa, it was often very dangerous.

"Morning, Hol," Narcissa replied. 

The nickname that she hadn't used since their first year felt odd coming off her tongue. Unnatural, even. But she wasn't complaining, having a kinder side of Hollis shown towards her was something welcome to Narcissa.

Hollis picked up a little pot of moisturizer off the marble vanity counter and started to apply it under her eyes while Narcissa brushed her hair.

"So," Hollis continued as she screwed back on the metallic lid. "Do you want to go to Hogsmeade later this week?"

Narcissa's grey eyes widened at this offer. Not that she didn't want to, she didn't have any other plans. Hollis had always just been busy with the other Marauders or Gryffindors to try and hang out with her own house.

"Won't you be doing something with Evans and Mckinnon?" Narcissa asked as she started to drag a tube of pale lipgloss across her lips to make them shimmer more than usual. 

Hollis scoffed as she unscrewed a tube of mascara and started to apply it on her already long, thick lashes. 

"Please, that mudbloood and idiotic blonde?" Hollis confirmed with a cruel tone as she blinked several times to get any fallout off her lashes. "No thanks, I'm good."

Stop it, what are you doing? That's your best friend, those two girls are your best friends-

Now, Narcissa was a firm believer in blood purity. Although she could be scared by her future, Narcissa knew that it was her duty to uphold the pureblood line. Hollis had always been the opposite of prejudiced against the halfbloods and muggleborns of Hogwarts, not giving a damn about what their blood was tainted with or free of.

So to hear the Rosier call one of her closest friends that had been since their first year at Hogwarts was surprising and a bit alarming, but very welcome.

In Narcissa's opinion, it was about time. 

So, the pale girl laughed a little bit at Hollis's insult to the annoyingly self righteous redhead and obnoxiously giggly blonde and nodded her head in agreement.

"Yea, sure," Narcissa said with a grin at Hollis through the shiny mirror. "Bella will probably want to come too, that good?"

Hollis shrugged nonchalantly as she set down the mascara. 

"I don't see why not," she replied as Narcissa offered her the lipgloss that Hollis took and applied on her own lips. "Brilliant, now we're matching."

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