𝐕𝐈. 𝐈 𝐋𝐢𝐤𝐞 𝐍𝐚𝐮𝐠𝐡𝐭𝐲

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Chapter Six

⚠️ TW: This chapter contains physical abuse, homophobia, and biphobia ⚠️

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⚠️ TW: This chapter contains physical abuse, homophobia, and biphobia ⚠️

      "Never underestimate your enemy. Even if you think they're weaker than you, you always have to stay one step ahead of them. That's the only way to guarantee a victory. Is that understood?"

     "Yes, Sensei."

      "Good. Now let's see if you truly understand the lesson." Mara watched as Kreese walked over to the middle of the mat where a plant was sitting on top of a pole. "I want you to kick this tree off the top. Red, you start."

     Red tried to do a standing kick but ended up falling and ripping his pants. Mara shook her head. "Pathetic," she grumbled under her breath.

     "Rickenberger, show him."

     Doug did a spinning jump kick and ended up falling on his arm. Mara rolled her eyes at him.

     "Stop your sniveling."

Hawk stepped forward. "I can do it, Sensei."

"Well, what're you waiting for?"

Mara watched as Hawk walked up to the pole. Sensei looked at him confused. "Don't you want a running start?"

"Don't need one." Hawk kicked the pole causing the plant to fall and break. Mara smirked at her boyfriend.

"Not bad. Not bad at all."

Hawk backed up and stood in his spot beside Mara and looked at her with a smirk before turning back to Sensei.

"But he cheated," Doug complained.

"Shut up," Mara told the boy. "Unlike you, he actually did what he was supposed to do."

Sensei nodded and walked in front of each student. "If your mind is agile, so are you. That's the best way to beat your enemy. Not just with brute strength. But you have to fight smart. Do that, and you'll always come out on top. Class dismissed!"


Mara walked into school the next day confidently. She wore a black lace tank top with a sage skirt. Her combat boots clicked against the floor as she made her way to her first period.

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