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i absolutely hate it when people don't use spacing between paragraphs. i'll most likely click out of your story if it looks like this:

she stepped out onto the balcony, the winter air brushing through her exposed skin. she wrapped her cardigan tightly around her torso as she shivered in the cold. the city was quiet and peaceful at night. no bustling crowds, no car horns loudly honking, no tourists roaming around the streets.
i ran out of things to write so just pretend i'm continuing shit. blah blah blah blah. stuff. catch me crying to cardigan by taylor swift.

if you do this, PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD STOP. it looks BAD and the comments are at the very end which is annoying.

secondly, DONT USE ITALICS FOR THE WHOLE THING. it hurts my shit eyesight. i've seen quite a few people say the same thing.

only use italics when:
- it's a flashback
- a character is emphasizing a word (ex: "I am not scared!" he defended.)

then there are the povs

i cannot stress this enough but PLEASE don't do this:



or some shit like that. it looks bad. just write the whole thing in the main character's pov. if you want to switch between your oc and their love interest, don't just randomly change povs in the middle of the chapter !! like what is that ?? write a new chapter for it.

that's it for today ! here's the meme of this chapter

liam memes are just *chefs kiss*

liam memes are just *chefs kiss*

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