the slow&unknowingly exciting day;;

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the sad grey walls eliminated the stern day within the rain and hat covered politician, taking longer strides than per usual to the new world of education. one of well known ambroise attendance. one of muggles standing around breathing in the polluted grey air. "tisk" repeated the man, "a young woman shouldn't pout. and do stand straighter, my dear."
the young girl, determined to have the greying man content and in an attempt to avoid another lecture, alined her bones and her spine and stood on the careful placement of the suspenseful, yet brighter somewhat, charmed wall that led to all that is well and good. well&&good.
father had just relocated to england with his dearest child after being offered a promotion within the ministry of magic. despite the disgruntled assembly of the small family, this was to be done.
the brown haired girl then pondered for the next profusion of times that perhaps the other kids would think that she had bought her way in with father's money. perhaps...
"princess" eyed the taller man under his low brimmed hat, giving the elusion of a stern, shadowed man who seemed to want to suggest another rule. another comment. however, with the intent of his green eyes and concerned furrow of a brow, he bowed lower to a more concerned expression. almost like a secret. she could keep secrets. this was until the man cocked his head thoughtfully to the side, and offered a warmer and delicate smile. one that seemed somewhat proud. "i'd like you to have more of an open approach, yes?" she nodded. "i spent my schooling here, along with your mother and our fathers before us. this is vital. or I may just have to send for a howler, hmm?" the windows to his eyes then closed in a wink complete with a small ruffle of her hair, an odd gesture, though she took it. "father-" she intruded before the man left, "expect no less, i promise." and then the young witch was on her way. she held her uniformed luggage in a side of her cart along with her sweet owl, pepper.
the hogwarts express was still sitting there; awaiting, steaming, and bright. along with having the students entering with smile's spread across their face and mothers' lipstick stained across their red cheeks, it was quite a sight already. "how disordered". the glum wizard had then pocketed her wand to check if she had not dropped it during her short jog, and groomed her hair once more from the wind and ravages of oh so cheerful london.
upon hauling her things onto the train, she had a small smile playing on her lips upon seeing all the other students conversing with their friends. one smile of small strain and a piece of anxious uncertainty. she observed how they all had their houses sorted but herself and the 1st years, due to the immense transfer from beauxbatons. "how foreign".
the young ambroise felt it would be an awfully difficult time finding people she could withstand, as she had some trouble with that even at beauxbatons.
after her observations were finished, she walked along searching for a spot to take a seat and await to arrive at the magnificent castle, and eventually found a room with an absence presence.
she knew she should have tried to be the colourful woman her father and professors made her out to be, though for that day, it was just quite exhausting. perhaps now she would have the opportunity to gain control once more. she could be at peace whenever she wished and desired. "princess. do be wise."
of course, it was lovely having friends at beauxbatons, where she could have the opportunity to be the listening shoulder in which her friends would tell their problems with the odd male race. one she never took quite an interest to. however company hasn't been her ambition lately. first, though, impressions were always rather important. if she sought companionship, she would soon need the connections.
the girl figured she should invest in one herself. a companion. friends had to fit perfectly like a puzzle, had they not?
after some fifteen minutes later, the train began to move, and the restless wizard began to read one of her many collections of books. one of charms. it was her brightest subject, of course. and she was determined to be the brightest in that category there as well.
she was also looking down at a separate book that was next to her, and it was a dark brown one that was a little heavy and had a lock that her father had gifted her. eventually, because she was observing it simultaneously and whispering a few words under her breath to it, she hadn't noticed the puzzled boy outside of the closed cart who looked a little displeased, though entered anyways, much to the girl's dissatisfaction. peace and comfort were temporarily postponed as she looked up at the gloomy and tall boy who was studying her curiously.
her first impression of him was that he was strikingly pale and handsome, "not that you have any time for nuisances" spoke father within her greater state of mind.
though moody and mysterious with a calm demeanour, the new pupil arched a brow at him in curiosity before deciding against making one of her pathetically practiced first impressions as she swiftly closed the thick book by her side as she held her smaller charm books,"my apologies;; may i help you?" though a bit rude, she had realized this boy had been staring for too long. too unkindly. too oddly. he started with a nod of uncertainty and an acknowledgement of her sudden brashness, and cautiously made his seat across from her given no other choice. cocking her head to the side in curiosity for a moment, she gave the boy somewhat of an empty analysis as he gave her somewhat of an eerie feeling. too dark. too glum.
at this, the sleep deprived looking, though spiffy, looking boy had given her another small nod, though nothing more. nothing if one would account for the look of death and boredom. the newer addition to the school hadn't expected anything more from this odd seeming character, though thought nothing more of it rather than her racing ideas and the slow throb of the side of her forehead, courtesy of misdirection behind the magical wall. the boy seemed to catch this, as it caused somewhat of a small, one-sided smile at her pain as it quickly dissipated as quickly as it came.
"odd indeed."

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