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[February 1, 2016
6:01 am]

Zheng tried to listen Jeremy Lockwood, his lawyer who was currently trying to speak to him; however he couldn't focus.

His dark brown eyes were scanning the courtroom looking for his husband, Hunter. Since the incident in the police station Jeremy thought it would best if Hunter and Zheng didn't see each other.

No contact for a whole day. Normally, Zheng could go months without caring for contact with anyone but Hunter isn't just anyone.

Hunter is Hunter.

There is a reason he wears that pretty expensive ring on his ring finger for the rest of his life.

"Vedete Hunter?" (Do you see Hunter?)

"No, Zheng. Messa a fuoco il giudice entrerà presto." (No, Zheng. Focus the judge will be entering soon.)

Zheng opened his mouth to speak only to stop footsteps echoed into the court.

Zheng opened his mouth to speak only to stop footsteps echoed into the court

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^^ Jeremy Lockwood

The court doors opened revealing an blank faced Hunter. All eyes were glued him as he walked into the courtroom with such grace. Hunter immediately moved towards the front seat, behind Zheng.

No words exchanged only two blank faces.

Jeremy smiled behind his hand, he noticed how easily the tensions left Zheng's body like running water on a waterfall.

"All Rise. Honorable Judge Mathis is preceding into courtroom." announced the bailiff.

Zheng watched as the black middle aged man entered the courtroom. He knew, he would have to answer every question honestly. He was finally gonna pay for his sins with no chance of escaping.

"Please be seated." Judge Mathis stated.

"All persons are innocent until proven guilty in the eyes of the law. You have the options to plead not guilty, guilty, or no contest.

No contest means the trial will continue without your supporting evidence which can still find you guilty. I advise you not to plead no contest. You also have the right to obtain counsel. If you cannot afford an attorney the court will appoint an attorney for you." Mathis informed Zheng before continuing.

"In the matter of the state of Illinois vs Zheng Leonard Lombardi-Fiu, case 5608. Please step forward."

Jeremy Lockwood, walked towards the judge allow with the plaintiff, Ashton Law; holding the information for the case.

"Mr. Law please raise your right hand. Do you solemnly swear to tell the truth and nothing but the truth so help you god?"

"I do." Mr. Law answered despite the wicked smirk that played on his face.

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