Part Twelve

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Mason didn’t as much wake up as come around. The last hour...he glanced at his bedside table, make that two hours had been out of this world. Kate was in a similar catatonic state draped around him. He loved the feel of her long legs entwined with his, her perfect pert breasts nuzzled into his own chest, and her silky head tucked under his chin. Nope as he leaned back against the pillows, he couldn’t remember ever feeling that things were so...idyllic.

But there was that nagging voice, telling him he’d been the lowest form of cad, letting the last two hours happen without telling her who he was. Without trying to explain about Peter.

He tried to slide out from under her, but she shook her head, “oh no Mr Fitzgerald! I think you’ll find that you can’t leave this bed until you untangle our limbs, and I’m not ready for that!”

To emphasise the point she moved one arm around him to cup his naked buttock, her arm joining the legs that were curled amongst his. Her remaining arm she slid between them until she found the past of him that proved her words and actions were having the desired effect. With a groan, Mason was more than happy to succumb, and as her hands ran over him, he thought he’d explode there and then!

It was dark when Mason finally pleaded dehydration. Leaving her curled under the duvet, he crossed the apartment to find an ice cold bottle of wine he’d left in the fridge, perfect. They drank a couple of glasses each, lounging there still naked half under the duvet, until they were interrupted by Mason’s phone.

Glancing at the caller id he recognised the hospital number and swore under his breath, “Shit, I forgot about my mother!”

Kate watched him quizzically as he quickly connected, “Mason Fitzgerald.” His face paled as he listened to the voice on the phone. Kate sensing his distress placed a hand on his thigh in support. He smiled at her but it wasn’t a natural happy smile. When he hung up he turned to her.

                “I’ve been in bed this afternoon because I spent all night at the hospital. My mother had heart surgery overnight, an emergency. That was the hospital saying she’s woken up...”

Kate sighed, “And you were meant to be there, but I tempted you away from your duty?”

Reaching out he cupped his hand around her jaw and smiled, “I’d take the temptation any day. Will you stay here? Can we talk a bit later?” Suddenly the need to tell her who he was, to explain his past was priority, but he had to dash to the hospital.

Kate watched him pull on jeans, then a clean t-shirt from the cupboard, dragging his hands through his hair he came towards her and stooped to kiss her. As her tongue flicked out and met his he groaned against her lips, “you are a minx, do you know that?”

She chuckled, “I just want to make sure you come back!”

                “No danger of that not happening,” he sighed looking down at her the duvet barely covering her nakedness, he’d give anything to throw off his clothes and explore her all over again, but his poor mother had come around from her operation and he wasn’t there. “I am so tempted again!”

She grinned then ran her hands down her body covering every curve, “promise I’ll wait for you, ok?”

He nodded, unable to believe he was actually closing the door behind him.

Kate had plenty of time to think as she moved around the apartment dressed in just his shirt, and now that she’d made the conscious decision to come here, to contemplate more with Mason, her mind was wild with activity. She was still worried about how she managed Peter, how she changed things with him, and she knew she had to speak to his mother Clarissa the next day. It wasn’t a conversation she was looking forward to, but at least it would lift some of the burden she had. She could never not be there for Peter, that wasn’t an option, but she finally realised that she deserved a life outside of him.

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