Chapter 4♥

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CHAPTER 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!♥


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Boy, if she keeps acting like this, I swear I'll throw her into the ocean. But on the other hand, I was enjoying this right to the last minute. I smiled.


-Chapter 4-

---Zoey's POV---

    He smiled at me, like one of those little smirks that guys, like him, give to get girls, unlike me, to fall for him. He thought it would be so easy. But nothing was working. 

    I looked down at where I scratched him. Blood was seeping through his skin and in my mind, something urged me to help him. He had a worried, hurt look on his face. Amazingly, it was a really deep cut.


I quickly got up from where I was sitting and scoffed at him as I walked into the trees. I looked back to make sure he wasn't following me. If I was him, I'd stay and he did. Strange.

     How could I help him? I looked around, walking deeper and deeper in the trees; the deeper I got, the darker it got. I heard a crackle in the leaves above. Heat flushed all over my face. Wait... Leaves.

     I started feeling the big plants for the softest leaves. One was prickly, one was fuzzy. One felt like satin. I found one that felt a little like cashmere and grabbed a bunch. I didn't know what I was doing but I guess I had to help.

     As I ran back to where we were sitting I started to think about what he would think of me helping him. I burst behind the shrubs into the sun. Just as I did, I tripped over some branches and landed right on top of him.

---Dustin's POV---

  The girl quickly got up and disappeared into the tree. The stinging stopped but the cut still bled. "Sh*t." I cussed under my breath. She cut me really deep.

  Where did she even go? I started to get agitated after a few minutes. She probably  ran away. I should have followed her. Why am I so stupid? I tried getting up but my legs were tired. She'll come back; I'm certain.

   The sound of leaves rustling behind me stopped my breath. As I turned around I saw the girl fall out of leaves, over a branch, and then land on me. There was silence.

    She looked into my eyes; shocked and unable to move. I wrapped my arms around her.

    "See? Doesn't this feel better?" I said with a smirk.

    She opened her mouth but said nothing.

    "What's wrong? Speechless?"


     "I-I brought you some...leaves." She said, stuttering.

I let out a huge laugh. "Why do I need leaves?"

---Zoey's POV---

    His body shook as he laughed. "Why do I need leaves?"

    Why couldn't I move? I could feel his tense muscles relax under me. But, my body was still stiff. I couldn't help but notice his shining eyes in the morning sun. I snapped out of the daze and struggled out of his arms. I got up as he sat up.

     "Here, clean the blood off your hand." I said throwing the leaves into his lap. "I don't want you getting diseased."

      He took a leaf and wiped the blood off his hand. "Since when did you suddenly start being so nice?" He winked.

     "I'm not nice!" I snapped. "There's enough work as it is to take care of you. I can't have you  being so careless anymore if we want to survive."

    "Ouch. That hurt my feelings." he said trying to make me feel sorry for him. It obviously didn't work.


     I heard his stomach growl. "You should go look for food." He said holding onto stomach.

     I looked at him. "Me? Why me?"

     "Because you're a girl. Girl's are supposed to look for the food."

      What?! He's being sexist! How could he be so RUDE?! "Excuse ME?!" I stomped right up to him and he tumbled over to get up.

      "Okay okay! I was kidding. We'll both go!! Come on, i'm hungry." He said grabbing my hand.

      I wasn't going to go. I didn't want to. Especially after what he just said. I pulled my hand out of his hand. "First of all, don't ever touch me. Second of all, i am NOT going with you." I gave him a glare and went off the into the trees through a different part. I needed to find wood to start a fire tonight. And something for shelter.

---Dustin's POV---

     I went off looking in the trees. It was dark in here. I remember learning in school about different kinds of food that could be growing in the tropics. The first thing that came to my mind were coconuts. I found coconut trees. SCORE! I could bring a few and make a pile. Maybe the girl would be impressed.

    I climbed up and got some. It took me some time but in a while I got over atleast 10 of them. I got them all back to where we were last sitting. I sat on the ground and opened one up to drink the milk. The sweet, lucious taste renewed my taste buds. I started to eat the rest of the coconut when I realized she wasn't here. "Hello?!" I screamed.

Where did she go?

---Zoey's POV---

     I was stuck in some branches. It was too dark to see where I was going. I screamed, "Hello?!" But no one answered. A tear left my eye.


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