( chapter eleven. )

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  AS ANDY LOOKED ON THROUGH the window into the operating room, she felt a certain numbness creep over her. Seemingly empty eyes watched as doctors rushed around Fury. It was chaotic, but they were doing everything they could. Though, the Jones girl still couldn't help but question; would it be enough?

  Emotion snuck up on the female and she swallowed roughly. She hoped so. Andrea rubbed at her arms. She felt hollow and cold─ like something less than human. It was a wonder how she was able to watch as her life become a mess without completely breaking down.

  But, Andy had felt the shift inside of her and knew it was to blame. Since the moment they'd arrived, her focus had gone into a state of half there, half far, far away. Her mind was a safe space where her thoughts could run rampant. It was a much needed distraction─ or, rather, a sense of protection─ from any emotions that might sabotage her composure.

  Though, Andy was sure that, even without her jumbled thought process, she still wouldn't be able to figure out how she should be feeling. She'd felt loss, experienced grief. But, right now, she could sense none of those painful sensations inside of her─ and, though she wasn't religious, she prayed that she wouldn't have to.

  Her heart ached with the thought of losing the first person who had believed in her─ the first person who had brushed aside her past and stayed. But, it was an ache of fear rather than loss. She was still holding onto hope that Fury would survive. She felt it in her tightly clasped fingers, pressed anxiously against her lips.

  "Tell me about the shooter." Came the faint sound of Natasha's voice. Andrea blinked in surprise, finding herself drawn out of her trance as her focus snapped back into the present. She thought back to the masked man and her anger resurfaced at the memory of her failed vengeance.

  Her eyes─ now set into a glare ─were still on the doctors as she replied, seething. "He's strong and fast─ skilled beyond what I thought him capable of. The most identifiable thing about him was his left arm. It was complete metal. We were nearly level in skill, but he-" Andrea paused against the grit of her teeth.

  "He was better than me." She admitted, fingers curling into fists. "He'll easily adapt to your skill set to take you down. You may not be his assigned target, but he won't hesitate to put a bullet through you if it means completing the mission." Andy finished, pulling back from the window to wrap her arms around herself.

  With no distraction to maintain her emotions, she couldn't help but feel overcome with sudden guilt. Tears stung the female's eyes as she realized that this was all her fault. The assassin hadn't let her go because she was an innocent bystander in the way of his mission. He wanted her to lead him to Fury─ and she'd done it willingly.

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