Chapter 5

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        Peter and Sarah gave each other terrified looks like they just saw a ghost. Sarah's hand shook as she went to put the phone down. At that moment the lights went out. The laughing started, and the images, and the gruesome noises. Then everything else was a blur.

        Peter who was now on the floor dreamed of his mother's voice, "Why Peter? Why did you have to kill him. I knew you were never as innocent as I thought. Go to hell!"

        Peter woke up with a gasp, and a shiver. He was stunned from his nightmare, and guilt of the death of his parents.

        "Sarah?" Peter questioned. "Sarah wake up I can't lose you too!" He shook her body. She wasn't dead.

        "Ahh" screamed Sarah

        Peter stumbled backwards in horror. Sarah rose off the ground with her hands, and legs hanging down to the floor boards. The veins in her face and legs turned black and we're viewable from yards away. The screaming stopped, and she fell back down to the ground. Sarah managed to get to her knees. She bent over to cough up what seemed to be gallons of blood. After the final drip of dark blood left her lips she dipped her hands into her coughed up blood and spread it all over her body and clothes.

        "Help me Peter," Sarah innocently cried. Then a laugh came out of her that was deeper than a grown man's. The satanic laugh made Peter come to his senses, and realize that he failed to keep his sister safe. For now, she was possessed by the devil.

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