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Chapter Thirty-Four| Dario

"We need a holiday." I sigh as I watch my beautiful girl walk around the kitchen with a cute yellow tea dress on, her feet bare. I suddenly get a picture of her with a round stomach carrying our baby and I gulp, diverting my eyes from her. "Like right now."

"Right now?" She tilts her head and giggles a little as she begins to eat some biscuits. "Where would we go? What about Logan? We can't leave him by himself." She begins to question and I smirk.

"Just a week away, just us two. Logan will be fine, he's got the best doctors to look after him, baby." I reassure her and she nibbles on her bottom lip nervously. "Come on, baby. We won't be going to work anytime soon, you deserve a rest."

She takes another minute and a smile etches onto my face when she nods her head.

"Fine. Where?" She smiles, taking a seat next to me.

"Italy. I could have a jet ready in the next hour." I grab hold of her hand and she smiles gently. "It will be nice and romantic." I smile, running my finger up and down her bare thigh.

"In other words, it's an excuse for you to fuck me whenever you feel like it, with no distractions?" She raises her eyebrows and an amused smile etches on her face. "At least buy me dinner first, Rio." She ruffles my hair and I chuckle lightly.

"Of course my princess." I wink.

"Queen, baby. I'm your queen." She winks back and I nod my head. I pull her in for a kiss and instantly get hard at the sweet taste of her lips. I moan when she rubs her palm along my bulge and then groan when she pulls away, a smirk on her face.

"We better get packing and then I want to go and see our Logan before we leave, okay?" My heart warms at how motherly she has already become towards Logan.

She will be the perfect mother.

"Of course." I nod and she smiles. "I love you." I mumble against her lips.

"I love you too."

It takes about an hour to pack and now we find ourselves sat by Logan's hospital bed.

"Can you bring me back a souvenir?" Logan beams in excitement and I chuckle nodding my head.

"I'll buy you all the souvenirs you want, little man." I tell him and he claps his hands in excitement.

"Thank you so much, Darry!" He squeals and I squint my eyes as the loud noise travels through my ears and as soon as he calms down a sad look etches onto his face.

"What is it?" I whisper, grabbing hold of his little hand.

"I-I'm trying to make friends, Darry, b-but they still don't want to play with me." He sniffles and anger begins to fill my body.

He's my son now, whether it's written on a piece of paper or not, he is my son. As soon as he is out of this hospital he will have the best life filled with so many friends, I'll make sure of it.

"It's there loss, Logan. If they can't see what an amazing little boy you are then they don't deserve you anyway. I promise you when you get out of this hospital you will make so many more friends." I watch his face brighten at my words.

"Really?" He whisper yells and I chuckle nodding my head.

"Really and when Princess and I come back we've both got a huge surprise for you." I wink and his face brightens even more.

"Tell me now please, I can't wait so long!" He pleads and I shake my head.

"The wait will be worth it, trust me Logan." I stand up from my seat and so does Leona.

"We will see you in a week, Logan." Leona smiles, leaning down to kiss his forehead.

"Bye-Bye." He whispers.

We finish saying our goodbyes and then Leona and I make our way to the airport.

"I feel so bad leaving him by himself." Leona speaks up from the passenger side.

"He'll be fine, baby." I grab her hand and place a light kiss on the back of it while keeping my eyes on the road.

Half an hour later we arrive at the airport, we drive straight to my private jet which is ready waiting for us.

"Mmm, this is nice." Leona says as we walk into the jet which has a black interior. She runs her fingers along the leather seats and then turns to face me with a small smirk.

"You really do like black, don't you?" She raises her eyebrows and I playfully roll my eyes at her.

"Get in your seat." I playfully glare at her.

"My seat is standing." She looks me up and down and I try my best not to get a hard on right now but this woman is killing me.

"Just you wait until we get to our hotel." I grit my teeth and she shrugs, taking a seat.

I take the seat in front of her. I watch as the air hostess pours me a whiskey and then hands Leona a glass of wine, giving us both a warm smile before walking off.

"You're going to be an amazing mother, you know that right?" I suddenly say and I watch as she tucks a strand of hair behind her ear and stares at her wine glass, a small smile on her face. "You'll be a natural, I just know it."

She looks back up at me.

"We'll both be great parents to Logan." She nods.

"And our other babies." I add and she raises her eyebrows.

"Babies? How many do you want, Rio?" She laughs.

"As many as possible. I want us to have a big family." I admit.

The thought of having a huge family warms my heart, it's something I never had as a child so I want every single one of my future children to experience what I never got to.

"Well you're not the one pushing them out, Mr Tahan." She raises her eyebrows and takes a sip of her wine.

"But I can put them in." I lean forward and watch as she almost chokes on her drink.

"You're funny." She nods, laughing lightly. "This here-" she waves her hand all around her body, "-is a no baby zone." She takes another sip.

"For now." I wink and she gives me another one of her breathe taking smiles.

"I'll give you one thing, you sure don't know when to give up." She speaks and I nod my head. "But I love you." And then she goes back to staring out the window.

As I admire the beauty sat right in front of me, one thing enters my mind.

I want to marry this woman.

Guys I made an InKitt account, feel free to follow it, I have put 10 chapters of Emotion up idk why lol. It really is just for back up in case Wattpad wants to try deleting my work, although I am finding InKitt confusing asf lmaoo💀❤️

 It really is just for back up in case Wattpad wants to try deleting my work, although I am finding InKitt confusing asf lmaoo💀❤️

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