Shitty Baby boy!

I made him fall to sleep and placed him back in his cot then went to my room. I removed all my clothes and hopped in the shower , this would be my second shower this morning but oh well good to be clean. I closed the water and got out the shower and dried off and creamed my body. I wrapped my towel around me and walked into my room to get something to wear.

I knew I was going in the pool for a fact so I picked out my American flag bikini and threw it on and put on my white shirts , red tank top and tied my hair in a blue bandanna.

I put extra undies in my bag and spare clothes just in case.I put on my sandals then I was done.

Kyle: I'm outside chica

Me: Well I'm coming and yeah we have to go and get Kim.

Kyle: Got her ! Hurry up.

Me: Iight

I grabbed my bag and ran down the stairs.

"Mum , I'm gone the twins are asleep so you don't have to worry for another two hours or so alright bye !" I yelled.

I open the door to see a Big Blue Hummer , Aw man it was sexy.

Kyle jumped out the car smiling ," Dad got it for me Graduation present."

"Aw man can I drive that?" I asked excited.

"Hell Fuck no , maybe after I break it in after a week or so."

I pouted , but hopped in the car and so did he.

"Where's Kimberly?" I wondered.

"Right here,"she yelled from the back seat scaring the shit out of me.

"Aw shit don't do that to me Kim ," I yelled holding my heart.

"My bad G,"she said and me and Kyle started laughing.

Kyle drove to his house after we stopped at a store for some drinks.

The way the front of Enrique's house was full of cars and I was not going to walk that mission all the way to his front door.

"So where jumping your back wall right cause er that's a long walk to the front door," I asked.

"Yeah mans not doing that mission," Kimberly said and I busted out laughing at her mocking Kyle's voice.

Kyle parked in the garage and we jumped out the car closing it behind us. We went threw the house then out the back door and we all jumped on top of the wall. A whole lot of kids our age was in the back and the way there eyes shifted to us was crazy like we gonna rob them or something.

I laughed it was funny.

I spotted Carmello and Enrique and waved them over , this wall was too big for me to jump down from.

"Wagwarn babe," Enrique said smiling up at me.

I looked at Kim and Carmello already put her on the floor and Kyle already jumped down. Why did Enrique have to be so extra?

"Hey Enrique."

"You look nice bae."

I gave up and just jumped on top of him and he caught me, we both started laughing. I bit his cheek and he bit my neck.

"Allow doing all that," Carmello said making me blush.

"Aye , let me introduce you to some of my family," he smiled kissing my cheek and putting me on the floor.

I looked around the yard to see a whole lot of people and many of them were staring at us.

"Niggah I'm gone, we gonna be in the pool house," Carmello yelled as him ,Kimberly and Kyle made there way to the pool house.

Enrique dragged me in the house and I said hi to his mum and dad , they over love me. I was introduce to a few of his Aunties and Uncles they kept complimenting me and saying me and Enrique are such a cute couple. I don't remember all there names he had to much to remember. The whole yard that was full with kids our age were his cousins and Enrique has a huge back yard so that's a lot of freaking cousins.

We finished eating and I was tired of being around the adults so we headed to the pool house and all Enrique's friends were there and some of his cousins.

"Dot !" I screamed and ran over to him and hugged him.

"She show Dot all the love where's our love,"Simoe yelled from inside the pool.

" Oh my bad dudes ! Hey Tech , File , Rickey , and you Simoe," I said smiling at them.

"I missed your cooking man , seems like Enrique been keeping you to himself," File said pouting and I laughed.

The way Enrique was screwing them was emotional it had me laughing my ass off.

"Lisa come in the pool I feel like the only girl ," Kimberly said and I laughed and I took off my shirt and short also removing my sandals.

I turned around and Enrique was smiling at me , he had removed his clothes and only had on shorts showing off his perfectly defined abs. I bit my bottom lip as I gazed at his chest , he walked up to me and wrapped his arms around my waist cupping my ass with his hands.

"You showing to much , damn babe all this belong to me right doe?"he asked.

"Of course it does," I reached up to kiss his lip and he gave me a quick peck.

" It better be mines," he said before picking me up and throwing me into the water.

Ah this fucking jerk !!

What if I couldn't swim?

I kicked my self back to the surface and everyone was laughing their butts off.

"Enrique," I laughed and he jumped in next to me ,he resurfaced and pulled me into a kiss and we went under water. This moment felt like one of those movie moments like when there kissing under water and your wondering how there breathing.


It was sort of magical and fun because this was all something new for me.

I broke the kiss and went up for air and he laughed.

"Alright Enrique let her be I need her man ," Kimberly said making me laugh.

"Naw she's mine find your own," he said grabbing me by the waist.

"She is mine you dumb nut," she yelled swimming over to us.

Then they started a game of keep away me being the thing to keep away from Kim. It was hilarious the way Enrique would carry me threw the water , it then became a team sport. Enrique , Dot , File ,Tech and Rickey on one team then Kimberly, Carmello, Kyle and Simoe on the other team. Enrique's team had an unfair advantage because they had an extra player. I didn't mind being carried around shit was fun as hell. I just prayed no one dropped me.

I got tired of being carried and passed from person to person after a while so once I got loose I jumped out the pool and made a run for it , suddenly it was a game to catch me and I ran out the pool house....

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