Chapter 1: Beginning

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Pans Pov

Cling Cling Cling

Thats all you can hear out here. Trunks has been teaching me how to become a swordsman. It's pretty cool. Anyways Goten Bulla and Maron were all with us today, they are supposed to distract me. But fail sadly.

Only bulla and goten were doing there job. Maron however, well she was busy drooling over Trunks abs. We've been at this for 2 hours without stopping. So yea we were sweaty.

"Alright we'll pick it up tomorrow " Trunks said throwing me a water bottle from the cooler. I nodded chugging down half of the bottle.

"Yo bro..... Yea shes right here, everything okay?.... Oh okay, we'll be right over. Oh and Trunks Bulla and Maroon are with us..... Okay see ya there." Goten ended the phone. "Hey Gohan said to meet us at the hideout. And Dende said he's got 2 showers ready for you two." Goten said. We all nodded and instant transmissioned there. When there mom greated Trunks and I with towells and bags with extra clothes, shampoo, conditioner, etc.

I went into my room. It was lavender reminded me of trucks hair. Huh like a message or something.

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