Chapter 14 ~ Perfect babies

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Louis landed on his hands and knees, crying out in pain from the cement digging into his skin. He took a few deep calming breaths there, on his hands and knees. “Louis!?” Harry called from inside and Louis turned his head so he could look in the open door. Harry was standing there frozen and the pregnant man gave him a weak smile.

“False alarm,” he said. Not about the labor or the babies coming, but being on his hands and knees could have meant that he fell on his belly. Harry sagged in relief and moved to help Louis up. He helped Louis to the car and got him buckled in.

Louis heaved while he sat there, rubbing a hand over his belly as the babies kicked around roughly. “You guys are coming a little bit early,” Louis whispered to them, closing his eyes to concentrate on something other than the pain. “You’re going to be okay though,” he added, opening his eyes as another car drove into the driveway.

Niall was at the window in an instant and Louis rolled it down, giving the blonde a small smile. “How are ya feeling?” He asked and Louis shrugged, turning his head to look out the front window at Harry who was briefing Liam on all he needed to know. He had a car seat at his feet and Louis knew that their son was in it.

“Hurts like a bitch but i’m ready. I hope they are too. They’re really early,” Louis spoke and Niall nodded.

“Good luck, let me know as soon as you can,” He said and Louis promised. Harry got into the car and they drove off toward the hospital. Louis sent a mass text to all the archangels, letting them know what was up. He got a few replies but he knew they were all going to be there for him.

He closed his eyes again and started humming, trying to calm himself and the babies down. “C’mon, calm down,” he whispered a moment later and opened his eyes only when Harry let him know they were at the hospital. Louis sat in his seat while Harry got out and told the emergency nurses what was happening. Everyone in heaven knew that Louis was pregnant for he was the only male that could get that way.

The nurse spoke into his walkie talkie while walking to the car with a wheelchair. Louis pushed the door open, unbuckling himself, and got out, sitting in the wheeled seat. “How close are your contractions Louis?” The nurse asked as he quickly wheeled Louis through the white hallways.

“I-uh, just a couple minutes apart,” he moaned in pain as the next one hit, bending back as much as he could to relieve the pain.

“Get your bottom half undressed and i’ll be back in a moment with the doctor that’ll help you birth the babies,” the male nurse, Alex from his name tag, said and Louis nodded pushing his wet shorts off. He got into the bed, smiling as Harry jogged into the room, eyes wild and looking for him.

“Help me with this blanket?” Louis tried to reach for the thin blanket but couldn’t quite reach it. Harry helped him cover his lower bits and a large male doctor walked in, thrusting his hand out for Harry to shake. Louis smiled at him and he smiled back, already getting an IV ready.

“Louis, I’m Shawn. I’m having an ultrasound machine brought in so we can take a look at these babies. Heart monitors will be added to your belly to track how the babies are doing. I’m going to have to check your cervix in a few moments. I have to, hold still,” He said as he quickly poked Louis with the needle to insert the IV. Once it was in the doctor turned and seen there was already a machine in the room. He pulled it over and turned it on.

“You know he’s 10 weeks early, right?” Harry asked and the doctor nodded.

“Yeah, it’s earlier than what we’d like but he’s carrying twins. I’m going to check to see if he’s dilating. If he’s not then we may have to do a C-section because his water has broken. If he’s dilating then we are in perfect water. The children will be underdeveloped, lung wise, and may need to stay in the NICU,” Shawn said squirting gel onto Louis’ belly. He set the ultrasound wand on him, moving it around to look and make sure there were no complications.

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