Chapter 6

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Diclaimer:i do not own kuroshitsuji,i just don't want to go to jail for plagiarism soooo,and I added this because it's sad
(Your POV)
You and father made it home safely."CIELLLLLL."You yelled when you walked in."Y/N do you have to yell,and i believe he is in his study."Okay.."You yelled already at his study door.You knocked on the door twice waiting for the usual "Come in" but didn't hear one.You walked in to see Ciel's sleeping figure sitting at his desk."Aww."You said tip-toeing to his desk.You stood still staring at Ciel trying not to fangirl.You felt a hand on your shoulder,so you screamed while having a quick reaction and slapped the person that was behind you."Why did you hit me y/n?"You heard your father ask."Well I thought you was someone else."You said back."Mmm."Ciel said letting out a grunt as he woke up."Y-Y/N?"Ciel said opening his eyes a little."Uhh...No it's Sebastian's mother...uhh SEBASTIAN HOW DARE YOU MAKE A CARROT WITH THIS BOY!!"You said making your voice sound like a grandma."Really a carrot,it's a"Your father said making a weird face as he said mom.

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