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(Victoria's POV)✨

When i woke up i felt a hand on my waist i turned around and i saw kris k k kris was hugging me OMG and he " you are mine " he whispered seductivly with his husky deep voice on my ear I was startled ed then I slowly managed to stand up and looked at kris his eyes slowly opened and he stood up and damn he looked hot AHHH whatever then I quickly looked away and went to the bathroom when i was done i opened the door and kris was standing in front of me i was startled then i looked away when he suddenly grabbed my arms and pinned me to the wall and my arms above my head " k kris plz don't " i said shuttering while shutting my eyes " what I can't do anything with my wife " he leaned closer and whispered with his husky deep voice and I could feel him smirking i was scared by what he would do and what's worse is that I'm only wearing a towel that is above my chest and to my inner middle end of my thighs and he then snaked his hands on my back then he leaned in closer and was about to kiss me when


His phone saved me he stopped and when i was about to leave he grabbed my arm and said " I'll be done with you later " he said and smirked i gulped and went to the bathroom after taking my clothes i wore my clothes and went out we are actually going to my mom's house ( kris's mom ) the ride was awfully awkward when we arrived i stepped out of the car and kris knocked on the door " Oh! sir kris miss Victoria " said the maid and opened the door for us and I just smiled at her and went in the house " hello kris hi Victoria " said Mrs & MR. Wu " I'm fine thank u " i said while smiling " come sit and eat lunch with us " said Mrs.wu i just love how sweet she and Mr.wu are they are always nice with me then while we were eating " kris Victoria you tow are invited to the masquerade ball tonight okay no excuses " said Mrs.wu i smiled and said " sure Mom " i said while smiling " when is the ball " asked kris " at 7:30pm " said Mr.wu " ok " kris simply said " kids we already arranged everything for your honeymoon " said Mrs.wu I almost chocked on my own saliva " HONEYMOON " me and kris said questioningly " yes honeymoon it will be on Saturday okay " said Mrs.wu " bu m---" i was cut by Mrs.wu " no but's your honeymoon is gonna be in Poland-Prague ok end of discussion " said Mrs.wu I can't get my thoughts straight me kris 'HONEYMOON' this is unbelievable well at least for me i know I thought that he is hot and all but that's too soon don't you think UHHH mechoso any way then i slumped on the bed and slept.....


I felt someone nudging me when i opened my eyes it was kris i widened my eyes 😳 when I remembered what happened this morning and my cheeks flushed red " hey wake up & go get ready for the party " he said then I stood up and went to the bathroom.

( Kris's POV )🔥

What honeymoon huh i guess I can't do anything about it Victoria is sleeping upstairs and I'm watching TV downstairs oh its 6:50pm i need to get ready and wake Victoria that is if she is awake great today is Thursday and after tomorrow we are going to Prague for our 'Honeymoon' any way I went upstairs and opened the bedroom door and I'm not surprised she is still sleeping i nudged her then she slowly opened her beautiful brown eyes wait what am i saying UHHH and then she widened her eyes and hurriedly stood up and went to the bathroom good thing i already took a shower then i went to change my clothes to get ready for the masquerade ball then i went to our room and i saw Victoria getting ready " i will wait for you in the car " i said " kris I might be late you go " she said " okay " i said then went in the car and drove.

( Victoria's POV )✨

I was putting on makeup and i wore my dress (A/N: the outfit and accessories in the box above.) i went downstairs and took a cab and when i arrived the butlers opened the door for me and when i went in i quickly wore my mask and went in and everyone's eyes were on me i sat on one of the tables and it was time for dancing when suddenly a tall handsome guy well eve though I couldn't see his face it was obvious" will you dance with me " he said wait I'm a married woman but 1 dance wouldn't hurt and besides kris must be having the time of his life with other girls huh " sure " i said then he grabbed my hand gently and pulled me to the dance floor then we started dancing elegantly he pulled me closer by my waist and we were really close" whats your name mine is Kevin " he said i was about to say Victoria but " my name is tori " i said then we continued dancing then suddenly he leaned closer to kiss me but I didn't nudge i leaned too then suddenly someone grabbed my arm and pulled me out when i looked who it was it was Amber " what's wrong " i said " you were about to kiss a guy and you were married yesterday " she said sternly " OMG what was i dong " i said then started sobbing " its okay come on i will get you home " she said then i just nodded when i arrived home i changed and i was still thinking of Kevin the guy that i danced with then I slow drifted to sleep,

( Kris's POV )🔥

I leaned closer to kiss her then someone took her away from me after a while i went back home and when I arrived i went to our room and i saw Victoria sleeping i was still thinking of that girl she just looked so amazing pure and beautiful even though all i saw was her lips and eyes i just wanted to see her face then i changed my clothes I remember her mask clearly when i went to put my mask in the cabinet i saw a black piece of clothing it was a mask it was her mask it was for for Victoria, Victoria is the girl that i danced with she is tori.,,,,,,,(TBC)

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