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        I first met Crash McKinley in the middle of my Senior year of high school, he sat alone on the edge of an old abandoned convenience store, looking completely and utterly miserable.

        He kept nervously running his long fingers through his dark hair making it all tousled and messy as a single unlit cigarette dangled between his lips and every once in a while he'd even get up from his seat and nervously pace up and down the narrow streets.

        There was something about this boy that was so captivating, as if something were pulling me to get closer and learn everything about him. Yet, there was this dark aura that also surrounded him, screaming for everyone to back away because he was better off left alone, but eventually, my curiosity got the best of me and before I could stop myself, I found my legs drifting towards him.

My heart rate quickened with every step I took and finally, I stood in front of the tall dark stranger.

"Hi," I say so quietly it was barely above a whisper.

        He jumps a little, my presence startling him. Right away, he looks up at me and my breath almost gets hitched in my throat. He had the most mesmerising yet piercing eyes with charcoal pupils and slate-gray irises. I've never seen eyes quite like his before, so beautiful, yet so desolate. They were filled with so much emotion that I wonder what they've seen, what he's been through.

"What do you want?" He asked bitterly.

          His voice. It's so hollow and his eyes, they over flow sadness as if there's so much pain in them. He looks so sad. It's heartbreaking.

"I just wanted to see if you were okay," I say

        "I'm fine," he whispers but I don't believe him. He takes the unlit cigarette out of his mouth and places it into the palm of his hand.

He stares at it for what seems life forever before I finally had to ask, "are you going to light that?"

        He glances at me before glancing back at the toxic stick in his hand. Finally, he sighs and shakes his head as he places it into the pocket of his collared shirt, "no, not today."

I then take a seat on the ledge beside him and look at him straight in the eyes, "are you okay?"

        He avoids the eye contact and looks down at his shoes. He shakes his head, as he fiddles with his fingers, "I don't know."

"Do you want to talk about it?"


"Okay," I say.

        We then sit there in a long still silence, the only sound was the sound of the wind whistling around corners and rustling the leaves on the ground.

A couple of moments later he breaks the silence, "my name is Crash McKinley."

        "Crash?" I say, "that's an odd name." I secretly love it though, it's so different and I've always had a thing for unusual names.

"Not really," he shrugs.

"Olivia" I say.


"My name, it's Olivia, Olivia Watson."

His lips tug upwards into a small smirk, "Olivia? That's an odd name."

I grin, "not really."

We both start to laugh but it awkwardly dies down as soon as it started.

"So Crash McKinley, what's your story?" I had to ask.  

He turns to face me with a daring, yet challenging look in his eyes, "find out for yourself."

And that's exactly what I did, but little did I know that I was in for a hell of a ride.

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