Death Speaks Sweetly; Beneath A Bed of Bleeding Roses

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Enter upon my silence-lovely

; and entwine our lace for eternity

Be not 'marrow's hand of time

Shan't severe stillness upon heart's despair

Whisper promises in the depth of solitude, deeply

Side by side, within soil bound, hollow

To sing a symphony within my stone ear-

Of the moments in which we have shared

Shall the raven recite the truth

-When 'they' ask for such knowledge to find our where?

Shall the moon reveal our secret

-When vines grow thick to abide our coven?

Join me now in our veil of ashes and lace

Precious this temple of sanctuary-

Our garden which shan't honor time

For this is the church forbidden, love- to where we shall hide

Hail before our union design, and lend not in the chosen toll

- but allow that which is the holiest of death to cleanse our vows-

My love, crawl beside me now-

In my earthly bed-chamber

Draw close my icy clasp to your breast of warmth

To become that which is but one, and reside eternal-

Beneath the blood-red roses



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