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5 July 2017 

"Stay quiet," I whispered to Niya who making a lot of noise for some reason. We will both be dead because of her. 

"What if they find out? I think we should go." Niya whispered back, only it wasn't much of a whisper and more of a scared silent scream. 

She tried to take a step out of the corner where we were both huddled together and I snatched her from her elbow so that she was back to sitting where she was. 

"Look, if you go out now, you are going to be dead anyway. You'd better not." I tried reasoning with her but she looked shit scared and just shook her head adamantly and got up again. 

I knew I couldn't stop her now and if I moved too much, I'd be in trouble too so I just let her leave. I could almost instantly hear someone coming down the corridor and my heartbeat sped. 

"You, what are you doing here?" My heart was about to explode when the stranger spoke again. 

"I, I was in the washroom, I'm just leaving." I heard Niya's voice. I took a sigh of relief, for a second, I thought that the person was talking to me. 

"You are that lesbian, right? Where is your loser friend?" I heard the voice mutter in amusement. 

Oh my god! Not that guy again! I was fuming but tried to stay calm, listening to the conversation closely. 

"Who? Ari? She isn't with me." Niya mumbled but I heard it. 

Why? Just why? She could have just said that she didn't know where I was. 

"I know she isn't with you but now that you specifically tell me that, I wonder where she really is right now." I could almost hear the smile in his voice. 

"I, I gotta go." I could hear Niya walking away in quick steps and had a feeling that I was doomed. 

I tried to hear properly but I couldn't make out another pair of steps leaving the scene. He must still be here. Shit! Shit!

I closed my eyes and counted to three after which I gathered the courage to peek around the corner. To get a better view, I leaned just a little bit more and found the corridor empty. 

I sighed in relief and turned back to my corner only to be startled by an arm landing right next to my cheek and I screamed in surprise. 

"Boo." The voice whispered and I looked up to find out the same asshole from the day of the admission. 

"What the fuck do you think you are doing? Get away from me!" I pushed him back but he didn't even budge. 

For a second, he looked in deep thought, and then all of a sudden, he gave a chuckle and moved back but not far enough, he was still crowding my private space. 

"Are you sure you want to fight with me now when you just gave away your location to a number of people by screaming hard enough to make anyone's ears bleed?" He spoke in an amused tone and that just irritated me further. 

But he was right, if someone did catch me here, I was gone. I don't want to be an object of ridicule in front of the seniors and the entire college. 

"Well, just go away, will you? This is my corner." I muttered, annoyed at his calmness and the fact that he was making complete sense. 

"Oh well, not anymore. I'm standing here now." He leaned in closer to look at my eyes and I stared back so hard that if looks could have killed, he'd be six feet under. 

"Oh really, I thought you were the cool guy out there, what happened to it now? You are just like anyone else here. You are hiding just like me." I taunted him to get back to him but my words didn't seem to have any effect on him as he just moved his head to the side with a questioning look on his face?

"What?" I said, almost frustrated with his presence and proximity. 

"Nothing, just wondering, how is a loser like you going to survive college? You are scared of some shithole senior years and I really wonder how long this brave facade of yours is going to last?" He shrugged before taking a few steps away from where I was standing. 

He was about to turn around and leave but I was going to have the last word this time. So, I pulled him back by his arm and he was caught by surprise as his balance faltered and he almost crushed me to the wall. 

"Ughh," I pushed him back but it took a few seconds for him to regain his balance and stand straight after which he did something really unexpected. 

Both of his arms came around either side of my head and trapped me by the wall. He looked angry and amused at the same time and I was so shocked that I really couldn't have given any other reaction. 

"That needy, huh?" He touched his forehead to mine and by the time my brain started to function again, he had already touched his lips to mine. He seemed to be going for a deeper kiss when I pushed him away with all my strength. 

"Stay away from me, creep." I slapped him on his face and it was almost like everything was happening in slow motion. I saw his head jerk a little by the impact of my palm on his face, I saw his jaw tightening and I could see his eyes dilating in anger. 

Oh god, he looked scary as hell right now. 

But what he did next was something I wasn't ready for at all. He pulled me in for a kiss again and before I could have revolted, he pushed me back. 

"Get away from me, you loser! You thought I'd really kiss you?" He said it out so loud, moving away from the corner and in the light in the corridor. 

I was confused for a second when I heard people coming our way and knew what he had done. I came out from the corner and saw some students coming our way and looking at me, staring at me, judging me. 

"Whore!" I heard someone yell from way back at the corridor. 

I was too shocked, too embarrassed to say anything, my heart was beating too fast, I looked at all the people passing us by and then I looked at him to find him already looking at me with that smirk on his face. 

I didn't think before I did what I had done during my last encounter with him. 

I ran. 



I know you want to kill this guy, love. Do you want me to make him die in the next chapter? Just kidding, not happening, lol.

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