Ch. 16

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Harmony's p.o.v|

That night I slept by myself. I went back home though. I needed to be in my own house eventually.

"Are you sure you don't want us to stay?" Alexis said.

"Yeah, go home guys."

"Okay, see you soon" Stacey said.

The girls all leave. I go upstairs and get ready for bed. But first I write my daily Diary entry.

Dear Diary,

Today, Luke kissed me. It was the best thing that has ever happened to me. He's the best thing that has ever happened to me.
But I have no idea where this is going.
He kissed me and told me he loved me, but he didn't ask me out.

Okay, off to sleep.


It's been a couple of weeks since Luke told me that he loved me. We have been on several dates already. But not like a date date.... Like just hanging out.

I go downstairs and find my mom making breakfast. This just doesn't feel the same anymore. I sit down at the kitchen table. The table where my dad use to sit every morning, reading the daily newspaper. He would always know how to brighten up my day. He was never afraid to tell a really corny joke. It's too hard to live in this house anymore. There's way too much memories, reminding me of my dad. I'm just grateful that I didn't lose both of my parents. I miss my dad so much.

I go into the living room and sit down on the couch. I eat my pancakes and watch some tv.

I get i interrupted by the doorbell ringing. I look over to see it's a tall guy with a blonde quiff. It's Luke. I take out my phone out to to text him, telling him he could come in. I was too lazy to get up.

"Hey sunshine," Luke greets me.

"Hey, big foot." I laugh to myself.

"It's really not funny anymore, Harmony." He takes a seat next to me.

I feel his arm manage to wrap around my waist. I snuggle into him.

"Are we having a movie day?" He asks.

"Yeah me, no one said anything about you. I didn't invite you here." I joke around with him.

"I'll let that one go because you're cute" he replies.

"Fair enough." I shrug my shoulders.

"So..." He trailed.

"So?" I ask with a mouthful of pancakes.

"I was wondering if you would like to go on a date with me tonight?"

"I might be into that" I reply.

"You might be into that. What the heck does that mean?" Luke says.

"Eh, don't give me attitude."

"Sorry, but why are you such a tease?" He asked.

"Because I can be" I said.

"So will you?" Luke looks at me.

I couldn't resist that face.

"Yes I will." I smile up at him.

"Good answer!" He chirped.

"Oh so what if I said no? You would make me go against my will?" I laugh.

"Yes." He looks at me with crazy eyes and I laugh again.

He plants a kiss on my lips.

"Oh, so now you can kiss me whenever you want to?"

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