Bonus Aiden and Alex Scene

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“Whatever.” Silly me for not wanting to go through reconstructive collarbone surgery.

“Do it again, and this time, don’t hesitate.” There was a pause. “If you do, you can run the dunes.”

My mouth dropped open. “What?”

A sly look crept into his gray eyes. “For the next hour.”

Oh, screw that. The pure-blood was so going down. Tightening my ponytail, I glared at him. “Bring it.”

He shook out his shoulders and then came at me again. This time I went straight for his midsection. Something went terribly wrong. My legs were in his path of destruction and before I knew what was happening, a thigh that reminded me of a tree trunk took mine out.

Down I went, and because I had mad skills, I took him down with me. Smacking off the mat wasn’t what knocked the air out of my lungs. It was the moment Aiden’s body went flushed with mine. Wide eyed, I stared at him, afraid to move, to breathe.

His hands were planted beside my head, and I had to think that if he really, truly wanted to avoid this, um, intimate position, he could have.

But he didn’t. And he didn’t move.

Aiden’s cool, gray eyes flared and then deepened to an intense silver that sent my already racing heart into massive coronary arrest territory. His breath seemed to quicken. “Alex…”

I swallowed hard. “Aiden?”

Aiden shifted his weight onto one arm. His large hand made it to my face, covering my entire cheek. The fingers were elegant, I knew, because I stared at them way too much, but the skin was rough, calloused. I loved his hands.

Forcing myself to remain still and quiet, I waited knee deep in an almost painful anticipation for him to do something, anything. And I knew if I made any move, he’d bolt, because that was the kind of guy Aiden was. Part of me sort of loved him for that. The other part—a ball of frustration that demanded he let go of his good, chivalrous side.

Not sure what that said about me. Something not good, I was sure.

But I didn’t care, not right now, not when Aiden was where I wanted him.

Aiden’s eyes were so silver; they were like liquid as they slowly moved from my eyes and across my face, finally stopping on my parted lips. My skin flushed wherever those eyes went.

Gods, I wanted him to touch me, to kiss me more than anything I ever wanted.

Aiden made a low sound in the back of his throat that made my toes curl in the sneakers. “You really need to stop thinking what you’re thinking.”
“How…. how do you know what I’m thinking?”

His fingers slid off my cheek, under the high collar of my shirt. I shuddered, and his lips quirked. “I can see it your eyes.”

“Is that so?”

Aiden didn’t bother answering, because I think he was seriously lost to this madness. Because this was crazy—the door was closed to the training room, but anyone could walk in on us and this would be kind of hard to explain.

Then his hand was on the move again, running over my shoulder, down my boneless arm, and oh gods, his hand, it just kept going. He gripped my hip and then his fingers curved around my thigh.

I wanted, needed to say something, but there were no words.

He lowered his head, pressing his forehead against mine and he shuddered, just like I had a few seconds ago. His lips, they were so close I could almost taste them.

“This is insane,” he murmured, tilting his head so that his lips brushed the corner of mine as he spoke. “Completely, utterly insane…”

“Yeah,” I whispered. This was the good kind of insanity—dangerous, but oh-so fun.

Aiden pressed his lips against my cheek, and my eyes fluttered shut. He repeated the sweet gesture on the other one, and a great sense of sorrow rose up. He was going to stop. This was his way. Cooling the heat with somethiing so sweet, so innocent that—

His lips brushed against mine, and like the first time we’d kissed, my entire world seemed to implode. Raw sensations shot through me, and I felt his hips roll, his entire body shake against mine. Every nerve in my body felt exposed.

I moved then, reaching up and sinking my fingers into his soft hair.

“Dammit,” Aiden said, drawing in a ragged breath. “This…”

“I want this.”

Not like he didn’t already know that, but I guess hearing me put it out there like that, broke the spell. In a flash, Aiden was off me and on his feet, backing away as he ran his hands through his hair, breathing deeply.

In a daze, I sat up and placed my fingers against my lips. I still could feel his kiss, the weight of his body.

Aiden cleared his throat, and when I looked up, he was all the way over by the edge of the mats. As if putting space between us really stopped anything. His throat worked. “Well, I guess that’s one way to take down the opponent.”

Yeah, I guess it was.

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