The Brew Scene - Aiden's POV (Pure)

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Seth just shook his head, like he didn’t even have anything to say. I tossed the cloth aside and pushed past him, to the open door of the bathroom.

I’m not sure what I saw first that snapped the thin thread on my control—Alex on the floor, hair soaked with sweat and a deathly pale sheen to her pinched features. Was it the fact that I hadn’t been there for her when the sickness took her? Or was it the fact that she was wearing one of Seth’s shirts and that was all?

Her watery eyes met mine and her voice was thready and weak. “Aiden, it’s not—” I spun around. “Seth, I trusted you.”
“Look. I know. This wasn’t—”
I punched him. Dull pain flared across my knuckles. I welcomed it.

I didn’t give a flying crap what he had to say. It was black and white to me. Alex was under the influence of the Brew. Seth had taken advantage of that. There was no in-between.

And Seth didn’t defend himself right away. Not even when I hit him in the jaw again. He stood there. He took it, because he knew—he knew—that he had screwed up, that what he had done was horrible. I saw that flash of guilt in his eyes. Oh yeah, it mattered that it was Alex, but for him to do this with any female who had her ability to make decisions stripped away from her was repulsive.

I saw that flimsy piece of clothing again.
There wasn’t an ounce of control left me.
I pounced on him, taking him to the ground like a linebacker. Then he fought back, swinging his

arms. Barely feeling the glancing blows, I laid into him.
Obviously, Seth had enough of the beating. He tossed me off, and I fell back, knocking into the

dresser. On my feet, I rushed him and we both went down again, swinging and kicking, beyond employing techniques we’d learned in training to be Sentinels.

This was like a cage match.

Alex stumbled into the room, swaying dangerously to one side. “Guys, come on... you both are being so stupid.”

Neither of us stopped. We were past that. I forced Seth across the room, away from where Alex stood. His gaze flicked over my shoulder, landing on her, and I’ll be damned if he even got the pleasure of looking at her. I lunged at Seth, bring him down on the floor hard.

“Aiden! Stop it!” Alex lurched forward, swearing. “Seth—don’t choke him!”

Seth gained the upper hand, rolling me onto my back. He threw his arm into the air. Blue light shimmered around his fist. Son of a bitch...

Alex smacked into us, her arms wrapping around Seth the same moment I shoved my fist into his stomach. Seth fell backwards, taking Alex with him. Her shoulder knocked off the edge of the bed and she yelped. The sound of her pain cut through the red haze.

I popped to my feet and grabbed Seth by his ripped shirt, tossing him aside. Alex rolled onto her side, right next to her bra. Her cheeks turned red as she closed her eyes.

“What the hell?” another voice rang out. Leon. “Have you all lost your godsforsaken minds?” Seth shoved himself to his knees, wiping a hand over his busted lip. “Oh, we’re just wrestling.” I shot him a hateful look as I knelt beside Alex. “Alex, are you okay?” I got my hands under her

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