Beating The Player At His Own Game

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Ashlyns POV

 BEEP ! BEEP ! BEEP ! BEEP ! I slammed my hand down hard on the alarm clock but I kept hearing that annoying BEEP ! BEEP ! BEEP !  I picked the stupd ass thing up and threw it across my room and heard it hit the wall with a big CRASH ! " Finally " i said. I opened my eyes and quickly shut them again from the bright sunlight coming through my bedroom window. It was Saturday and I had absolutely nothing to do today. " Ughhh " I groaned . I hated waking up in the morning. I threw off my blankets and climbed out of bed. I headed toward the bathroom grabbing a towel on the way. I walked into my bathroom and turned the shower on. I stripped off my pajamas and stepped into the shower feelng the scolding water run down my back. I felt sleepiness disolve and i felt much better. I grapped my Vanilla Twilight body wash and scrubbed my body clean. I rinsed my body then shut the water off opening the the shower door. Feeling the cold air rush around me giving my body goosebumps. I grabbed my towel wrapping it around my body and walked back into my bedroom. I went into my walk in closet and looked through my ton of clothes. I picked out purple tank top , gray cardigon , ripped skinny jeans , and purple converse. I wasn't rich but i was far from poor. Our house was two story's and had 5 bedroom's. I walked out of my bedroom and back into the bathroom. I grabbed my hairbrush and ran it threw my golden brown hair.  I had green eyes with golden flecks in them. My skin was slightly tan and it had a glow to it. Full pink lips and straight pearly white teeth. Girls would say I'm beautiful and boys would say I'm hot. I just think im ok i guess. I looking through my almost empty make-up bag and grapped mascara. I put a thin coat on each eye then put light pink lip gloss on. I left the bathroom and headed down stairs already smelling breakfast being cooked. I reached the bottom of the stairs and saw Connor playing Call Of Duty Black Ops on his X-box 360. " Video games rot your brain you know " i say to him. He grunts in response not taking his eyes of his game. I roll my eyes and head into the kithcen to see my mom making pancakes and bacon for breakfast. " Smells good mom " I say smiling at her. She smiles back and says " Thank you Ashlyn ". I walk to the kitchen table and sit down right when my mom aks " How many pancakes 1 or 2 " ?  I look at her and say " 3 duuuh " . " Oh well then sorrryyy " She says sarcasticly. Me and my mom are a lot alike. She has the same personality as me. She is funny , sarcastic , loud , and she doesnt care what people think. Also we look a lot alike. SHe has golden brown hair like I do and green eyes. My mother is very pretty and I'm glad I look like her. " Pancakes are done " my mother said. I headed over to were my mom put the pancakes on the counter and picked up two and put th on my plate. I buttered them and put lots of syrup on them then grabbed a fork and sat back down at the table. After I finished I put my plate in the sink and headed back upstairs. I picked up my laptop and then grabed my Ipod touch skimming through it till I found What The Hell by Avril Lavigne. I plugged in my earphones in my ear and got on facebook. Somehow I fell asleep listenng to The Only Exception by Paramore.

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