18| What was that dream?

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26th August 2017

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26th August 2017


"Wake up already!", I heard a shout and my head shot up at the computer screen to see the blonde boy sitting not-so-happily in his usual white chair.

I rubbed my eyes a little and yawned, my body already wanting to jump back on the bed and drift away to dreamland.

"Good morning to you too Agreste", I said nonchalantly.

"How much sleep do you need and do NOT call me Agreste!"

"Why not? Does it make you feel like an old man or something?"

Adrien simply pouted at me and I giggled at his childish behaviour.

"Also, last night I went to sleep late... around 3 I guess?", I said and positioned my chin in the palm of my hand while my elbow was propped up on my desk.

"It's 11 A.M. at your place right now", Adrien said and one of his eyebrows quirked up.

"Bruh- I woke up at ten because Aisha asked me to be ready by 11:30 or something, god knows why", I spoke and yawned for the umpteenth time today.

"What were you doing last night?"

"Texting". The word just slipped past my lips without even seeking my permission and my cheeks started heating up as a smirk found its way on Adrien's face.

"Who?", he enquired and pulled his chair towards his desk more, while interest shown over his green emerald eyes.

"Luka... I was chatting with Luka till midnight (I guess) then I started reading a Wattpad book and couldn't put it down until 3 so yeah", I said and shrugged.

"I thought you weren't usually the texting type of person cause you barely reply to anyone's messages", Adrien spoke, gaining more interest in the conversation while I sunk back in my chair, biting my lip.

"Well... He couldn't call me up because everyone was sleeping and he didn't want to wake up anyone so we were chatting via text messages", the words ushered out of my mouth in one go while Adrien started laughing but his not-so-subtle laugh was cut short when I asked him if a sock was floating in his room, right behind him. He wheeled around just as the flying sock disappeared out of view and Adrien turned back to face me. He spoke, a bit too nervously," Where? What sock? Socks can't fly Preeti. I think you're still in a bit of a daze."

I opened my mouth to object to his allegations of me still being in a daze but perhaps that was the moment my mom found to be perfect to butt in by knocking on the door and opening it (slightly) to inform me that Aisha and the others have arrived.

"I'll be there in a minute!", I replied as my mom closed the door and I turned towards Adrien saying," Well, have to go. See you in Paris!"

"See ya!", he said showing off his pearly whites as I switched off my computer and headed downstairs, only to be engulfed in a hug that almost sent me reeling backwards by none other than Aisha.

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