♕ Drunk In Love ♛

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I was awoken from my nap when my phone rang.

I really didn't want to answer it. Today was a hard day. Really all I wanted to do was cry and talk to God. But I did have to resume to life. Today was my mother's birthday. Before she started using drugs we always used to go out to Olive Garden or somewhere fancy to Celebrate. But that stopped when she met Kenneth and he introduced her to crack. That's when I moved up here. Birthdays were never the same. I constantly sent her money, visited her whenever I could and paid for her rehab. But she disowned me after awhile. And then she died.

I took a deep breath and answered the phone.


"Hey Alicia."

"Who is this?" I asked.

"Mr. Kingsley. Or Jeremiah."

"Oh um. Hi. It's not really a good time for me."

"Well I was wondering if you wanted to go out for drinks later on. I know its kinda late notice but the guilt has been heavy on my mind. I'm really sorry for causing a scene."

"I guess I could go for a couple drinks."

"So I'll see you in a few hours?"

"Yeah. I'll be there. "

I turned my phone off and sighed. After our encounter I really didnt feel like seeing him but I wasnt doing anything later on so why not?


I woke up, half expecting Alicia to be next to me. I snapped out of it quickly though and let the smell of bacon and eggs fill my nose. I got up and went to the kitchen. Marilyn was there of course, hovering over the stove. I snuck up behind her, grabbing her waist and planting a kiss on her collarbone.

"Hakim! Dont do that! I almost burned myself!" she exclaimed.

I went to the refrigerator to get a glass of orange juice. "Marilyn, I think we're out of OJ."

"We should have some somewhere...I gotta head to the store after breakfast."

I went over to make myself a plate and sat across from Marilyn.

"I think my dad really likes you." Marilyn said between eating her scrambled eggs.

"Oh really? I could've sworn that he said that he didnt like me."

"What makes you think that?" she asked.

"The car?"

"Oh! Pshh." She waved her hand. "He isnt gonna get mad cause we were kissing!"

"I hope not."


I had to go pick up a couple of items from the store so I drove over to Walmart. I felt a sharp pain in my stomach passing by the Cheescake factory. I wiped a quick tear and got out the car.

I was determined to get in and out. I wasnt trying to lollygag so I went over to the juice section to pick up some Grape Juice.

"Hakim! Stop doing that!"

I stopped dead in my tracks, reminiscing that day at Denny's with Hakim and that girl.

I prayed to God that it wasnt them and turned down the aisle, hoding my head down. I looked up seeing him and her deciding what orange juice to pick.

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