Ch. 14

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Harmony's p.o.v|

We had a big sleepover last night. I had the great opportunity to wake up with Calum's ass in my face.

"Calum, get your huge ass out of my face!"

"Ugh!" Calum groaned. He turns over, now facing me.

We are all sleeping on the living room floor. I was squished in between Calum and a smurf. I'm living every girls dream. Make sure to note the sarcasm there.

"I love you, Oprah." Michael says and hugs me tightly.

I look over at him and he was fast asleep. Oh Jesus, please make it stop.
I take his arm off me and get up. The girls were all still out.

I go in the kitchen to make breakfast for myself.

"Hey." I turn around to see Luke.

"Good morning."

"We need to talk" he says.

"No, we don't actually."

"Please, Harmony."

"Fine, what?!" I throw the pan I was cooking with in the sink.

"Come with me." He holds out his hand. But I just walk and ignore the gesture.

"My room" he said.

I walk upstairs to his room. I walk in and what I see shocks me.

The words, "I'm sorry" was written in rose pedals on his bedroom floor.

"Oh my god."

I turn around to look at him. He has a rose in his hand and he gives it to me.

"I'm really sorry, Harmony."

"What is all this for?"

"It's for you and to show you how sorry I am. And..." Luke says.

"And what?" I try not to smile.

"Umm I don't know" he said.

"No, say it or I'm leaving."

Luke walks closer to me. We were standing chest to chest. Or more like my chest to his stomach because that's how short I am.

He looks down at me with his blue eyes.

"I'm not good at these speech things. But I'm gonna try my best. So bare with me, Harmony."


"When we first met, I had no idea you would be so important to me. So there's a billion things I could say right now, but I guess I will just start off like this. You have been there for me always. No matter how serious life would get, you'd be the person that I could act stupid with. We have stuck together for 2 years now. We have been through it all together. You name it...break ups, the tears, the bad times, the stupid fights, and the sleepless nights. But most importantly, we have had the good times. The constant laughs, jokes, and fun. Like I said there's a billion things I could say right now, but you're the most amazing person I've ever met." Luke continues his long speech.

"Luke I..."

"No, let me finish" he said.

"When I listen to you talk, I smile for no reason. When I see you my heart beats so fast. When I look at you, I see only you. That's how much you really mean to me, Harmony. You're all I think about."

"That was the best speech I've ever heard." I look up at him.

"And I love you." Luke says those three little words, making my heart stop.

"You what?" My eyes widened.

"I love you, Harmony Hayes."

I look down and blush, not knowing what to say.

"I..." But he shushes me. I laugh and smile at him.

He looks down at me and does the unexpected.

He kisses me. I happily kiss him back. He picks me up off my feet and I laugh. After we're done kissing he puts me down.

"I love you more than words can say, Luke."

He has the biggest smile on his face.

(Yay, Luke and Harmony are now together! Woohoo! Let's have a celebration!)

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