Chapter 17

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"Sam? What's going on?" I heard Ron's astounded voice speak. Draco and I reluctantly pulled apart and nervously looked at a fuming Ron. Hermione, Harry and Ginny stood by his side. While Ron wore an expression of anger, Hermione looked shocked and Ginny was. . .smiling? It was only then that I saw Harry's face morph into a different expression which could not quite be explained, he looked sort of sad.
Draco set me down gently but still supported me by holding my waist because of my sprained ankle.
"Ron just listen to me I-" I started hoping that he would understand.
"What the he bloody hell where you two doing?! You understand who you were kissing don't you, or do I have to remind you?! He was the one who tormented us for years, insults and, and I-you-he is evil Sam do you not remember what Hermione told you?! He is a Death Eater! He worked for You Know Who along with his foul father!" Ron screamed at me.
"Sam I don't understand? Don't you remember all we've told you about this cockroach?" Hermione said staring at me in the eye with disgust.
"Can I please just explain?" I said in a small voice that seemed to have almost no effect at all. They waited for my answer without a word spoken.
"The first day I was here I had no idea who any of you were, for Gods sake I didn't even recognize the most famous three people in the wizarding world. So I didn't know that Draco was the bully okay? When Hermione told me that he was a Death Eater, I wanted to have nothing to do with him. Then one day, the day that you guys asked me to spend the day with you, Draco talked to me. So we talked a little and I wanted to know if all he bad things people say about him are really true, and I may have kind of put a truth potion in his water. After that he told me things, things that led me to believe that he is not what you guys made him out to be. I can't tell you what he said but please just trust me on this, he's not a bad person. Over time we became friends, and then tonight we . . ." I said and trailed off, leaving the sentence hanging.
After a long while of silence Harry started walking out of the room but just as he passed me I grabbed his arm, preventing him from leaving.
"Harry? You knew about this, why do you look so shocked?" I said softly. He pulled out of my grasp and started walking further.
"Harry, tell me what's wrong?" I asked desperately but he didn't even turn around. I tugged out of Draco's comforting hold and limped towards Harry. Pain crept up my leg but I ignored it.
"Harry, talk to me! What's wrong?!" I shouted after him. I walked faster and managed to put my hand around his in a tight grip. He turned around at this and finally looked at me, his eyes were glistening.
"Harry, answer me? What's wrong?" I said
"Oh I'll tell you what's wrong" Ron angrily said from behind me "he's completely mad for you, Sam. Could you not see that?"
What? Harry liked me? No that must be wrong, Harry's in love with Ginny. Right?
Well apparently not said a voice in my head.
"What, is it tru-" I asked with wide eyes.
"You know what Sam, all I'm going to say is that I thought you could do better. I get you being friends with the oaf but this? No it's just not right. And yes Sam I do like you, but obviously you don't like me back. So I would appreciate it if you would just leave me alone from now on and don't talk to me" he said causing tears to slip out of my eyes, one after the other they spilled out of my eyes in a neverending stream.
He yanked his hand out of mine and walked up the stairs, two at a time. I watched him leave until he was gone.
I loved Harry but it was how a sister would love a brother and nothing else. I sank to the floor and in no time at all I could feel someone next to me. I tipped me head forward and shut my eyes tight, squeezing them together hoping that one of my best friends had left me only in a dream and would be there when I woke up.
"I didn't know" I said through sobs " I really didn't, and if I hadn't been so blind things would have been different" I cried.
"Mantha listen to me, this is not your fault, okay? You couldn't have possibly seen that coming, it's not your fault" he whispered and slowly he pulled me up to my feet and wrapped his arms around me in a hug.
"Don't touch her Malfoy" I heard Ron's voice say and I was ripped apart from my only source of warmth. I opened my eyes and saw Ron and Draco facing each other.
"Listen Weasley, I know you don't like me and I assure you the feeling is definitely mutual. But can you not see that one of your best friends has been hurt? I know you don't want me to be with her but I really like her and she likes me too. Can you please just try and be understanding for once in your life?" He said with a focused expression in his beautiful silver eyes.
Ron seemed to contemplate over what Draco had just said and finally after what felt like decades of waiting he made up his mind.
"You know what, I do hate you. I hate you very much and I am not the forgiving and understanding type, but as much as I hate to admit it I think that Sam really likes you. Just because I said that Malfoy does not change, even in the least bit, the amount of dislike I have towards you. Let's make a deal, you don't bother me and I won't bother you. Oh and one more thing ferret, if you hurt Sam I will personally kill you" and with a cruel smile pointed at Draco he left along with a disappointed looking Hermione.
All of them had left, all except for Ginny.
"Ginny I'm sorry, I really didn't know that Harry liked me I-" I said limping towards her slowly.
"Sam to tell you the truth, I think I already knew" she said with a smile.
"Why are you smiling, you just witnessed a whole disaster?" I said sniffing.
"I am smiling because I knew that you and Malfoy had something going on" she said wiggling her eyebrows. "It was sort of obvious, if you payed attention" she said.
"Oh yeah?" I said
"Yup, I don't know what you see in him but it's your choice not mine" she said with a smile.
"Thanks, I think you are like the only person whose not mad at me right now" I said "Ron was, hectic. Hermione just seemed shocked, and Harry is probably never going to talk to me again"
"Speaking of Harry, maybe I should go check on him" Ginny said, got up from the table she was sitting at and left the room quietly.
I sat down in the chair that Ginny had been in not too long ago, and pressed a shaking hand on my forehead.
I heard footsteps coming closer to me, closer, closer and finally Draco kneeled down in front of me.
"Mantha I really am sorry for what happened tonight, I'll do whatever it takes to help you win them back. . .I promise"

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