Chapter 65: Peeta

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My hatred for Katniss has almost completely faded. Once I saw her care for the children after the explosion in the Capitol and all the kindness she actually has I started to feel bad. I shouldn't have believed anything the Capitol said, even with the Jacker venom.

The only problem is Gale, he's so desperate to see Katniss. He told me the first night we were sent out that Katniss would never stop loving me. At the time I thought it was ridiculous and I still believed she was at least semi-evil. Now I can see what he means, so he has to be near her.

"Peeta? Did you hear us?" Boggs asks impatiently. I look around confused and Katniss laughs lightly, her first laugh in weeks. Gale's sitting on her other side, watching us carefully. "We have received a lot of news from 13".

"First thing, Clove and Cato are officially married" Katniss says happily. That's good news "Coin says she needed a strong enough distraction for the people, so another wedding was 'necessary'".

"Also, we're going to attack" Boggs says, proudly "That means this will be over soon, for better or for worse" he says and we all nod excitedly. Katniss glances at me nervously and she stands up slowly.

"I need some time alone, and I mean alone" she says firmly. I look at Gale who's scowling, like he was hurt. Why does he care so much about Katniss? Technically me and Katniss are married, and he's not.

"Any idea what that was about?" I ask carefully. They both shrug and we head to check on our inventory. We do this almost every day, as if we were robbed over night, and I ask Boggs to go check on Katniss.

"Hey, you okay?" I ask sitting next to her, she looks around and nods weakly. She looks like she's been stressing over something. She has deep set bags under her eyes that I mustn't have noticed before.

"I think I'm okay. I just wish Coin was a little less cruel and bitter. After Finnick and Annie's wedding it seems like Coin has been even more bitter, especially towards the Victors" she says sadly. I lean forward onto my knees, as I do when I think, and find a possible explanation.

"She might have gotten depressed, Prim told me she lost her family. She might be jealous because every one else has one" I suggest and she nods, still doubtful.

"I guess" she mutters, but mostly to herself. I dare to hold her close and she sighs, a worried type of sigh. "This is nice" she says sweetly and I nod.

"I missed this, I shouldn't have tried to attack you, so many times" I say regretfully. She looks up at me and smiles weakly. I'm tempted to kiss her head but I hold myself back. Maybe that's too fast.

I can almost hear my mother yelling in my head about how Katniss is out of my league and I could never get her attention. I remember the time I finally told her I could do it, only days before the Reaping, that wasn't my plan. I was planning to start talking to her at the school house but the Reaping sped up the process. I guess we were both wrong, and now she's dead and I have Katniss.

She leans further into me and I kiss her head. "I'm really sorry for everything I have done to you, physically and emotionally." I say sadly. She looks down and pulls something, she strung the pearl I gave her onto a leather cord.

"I saved this, because I knew you wouldn't stay high-jacked. I knew we would beat the Capitol, together" she says forcefully. She turns to me and leans in for a kiss. Just as our lips are about to touch Gale yells at me. I sigh and sit up.

"Cressida needs you for a propo" he says plainly. He doesn't look like he's lying but I can barely tell who's lying or not.

"Hello Peeta, sorry if we disturbed anything" she says smirking over to Katniss, sitting there alone. I nod, "We want you to do a propo about how much you love Katniss, we might have her talk too. The point is to prove to the Capitol that they can't break anyone like they want anymore" she says bitterly and I nod.

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