Ch. 11

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Harmony's p.o.v|

I spent the night at the 5SOS' house....again. Somehow, I always manage to end up in Luke's bed. I mean like that, but you know what I mean.

"Wake the fuck up!" Cal screamed in my ear.

"What the hell, Calum!" I yelled.

"I'm not sorry, Harmony."

"Good to know."

I see Luke move around.

"Great, now you woke him up!" I yell at Cal.

"Like I said..." He said.

"Yeah, I'm not sorry. I know, oh my god." I shake my head at him.

"Go away, Calum!" Luke groaned.

"Fine." Calum leaves the room.

Luke turns over to face me.

"Good morning." He smiles cutely.

Yeah, I did just say that. I think I've always though Luke's cute. I mean he really is, so whatever. But like I would ever have a chance with him. He thinks of me as just his best friend and that's it.

"Morning, Lucas."

"That's not my name! Anyway, I just realized something" he replied.


"We have an acoustic show today."

"Where at?" I asked.

"Just outside at a park. We wanted to do something for the fans."

"It's nice that you all think about the fans so much." I smiled.

"Well we do love them. We wouldn't be here without them."

"Aww, so cute." I giggled.

"You think I'm cute?" He smirked.

"No, I already told you that you're ugo. Go get ready, big foot." I laughed.

"I'm not big foot!" He chuckled.

I get out of his bed. I walk out of his room.

"Yeah, keep thinking that." I go downstairs.

"Hey Harmony" Ash said.

"I have a problem."

"What is it?" He asked.

"I have no clothes to wear," I laugh.

"Oops she did it again" Ash replies.

"Oh god." I throw my head back and groan.

"I think Michael should have some clothes for you."

"Why Mikey?"

"Because he's the closest thing to a girl you can find." Ashton says making me crack up.

"Whatever you say." I go upstairs to Michael's room.

"Hey smurf." I knock at his door.

"Hello, little one." Mikey smiles down at me.

"Shut it. Listen, I need some clothes to wear."

"You can look in my closet" he said.

"Okay." I open his closet and look through it. I find something I like.

"I can't wear your pants, but I can wear your shirts."

"I think I will wear this one." I show him a black shirt with white sleeves and red x's along the sleeve.

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