51: worklife and them

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Author's POV:

       Fastening the buttons on the sleeves of his shirt, Mahir then picked his black coat and wore it and then he stood before the mirror. He was almost ready to get going to the hospital after a break of 2 days. After few moments as he was making sure that his hand bang had everything, the door of the room opened and in came Aayat, upon the sight of whom his face lightened up with a smile, which she surely did see, and even reciprocate.

          She came towards where he was standing and then forwarded him with some files that he had left downstairs.

"Oh thank you." He said taking the file from her hand.

She nodded and then none of them spoke as they just looked at each other. Though she had smile on her face, Mahir didn't fail to notice the tense lines that were there on her forehead. Before he could say something she said breaking the silence,

"Take care and go safely.."

Mahir immediately kept the file aside and asked gently,
"What do you mean Aayat, aren't you coming along with me?"

Aayat shook her head as she said,
"You must be getting late. You go ahead, I will go after you don't worry.."

"Hey... It's nothing like that Aayat. I was waiting for you only. You're coming with me, I will drop you and that's final." Mahir said.

"But.." Aayat tried to say.

"No buts and ifs. Now go and get ready!" Mahir said as he smiled while she too gave up and then said,

"Fine.. I will be back really quick."

Standing in the adjacent balcony, he waited for her. After few moments were past and he was lost looking at some view, he heard a sound of something dropping on the floor and that's when he noticed, dressed in white and black maxi dress, with black hijab Aayat was back in the room. She had dropped a few paper files on the floors which she was hastily collecting back.

        Mahir went inside as he went near her and then sat down on the floor to pick up the papers which were scattered too, and then saw the frown on Aayat's face was back. And he knew, he knew that this frown was because of the work pressure.

She almost didn't realize his presence until he gently held the hand that she had forwarded to pick the paper to, successfully earning her attention. She looked at him and then sighed.

He then held the hand securely in both of his, giving it warmth while he asked like a gentleman,

"What is this frown on your face about Aayat..?"

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, and then as she opened her eyes she looked at the grey orbs staring at her with utmost concern.

He gently rubbed her cold palms as he said,

"You have got nothing to worry about Aayat. I don't know anything about this case that you're dealing with. But the only thing I know is I believe in you, we believe in you. You're probably the most determinant girl I have seen Aayat. You have so much strength in you to fight with the odds to come.

Just don't let any of the part of this journey overburden you, okay?"

She was continuously looking at him and then nodded with innocence.

"I mean, the last case you won was against the topmost lawyer, that's crazy! If someone's got to worry, it's the opponent right.
After all whose wife are you!"

He said grinning, and effort to make her smile and as expected, it brought an illuminating smile on her face as she then chuckled and said,

"Thank you, Mahir. For the encouragement."

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