Chapter 1

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when I first saw you tonight... you confused me if I'm really being honest, you confused me a lot-     I just couldn't figure you out... and that made me nervous. I have never seen someone react like you did, fuck I can't even put it into words. This feeling was uncomfortable.

"Are you sure it's okay I come in?" I say in worry.

"yes, I already made sure," she smiles "Now let's go, Bella already got out of the car," she laughs.

She starts to get out of the car so I quickly follow, not wanting to get lost in the heap of people making there way inside.

"I don't even know anyone here Gigi," I huff, walking quickly behind her. She had lot longer legs than me and walked way too fast.

She stops to look at me, "Babe it's a house full of celebrities, so yes your going to know people," she points out with a chuckle. Exactly why I should not walk in here.

"Exactly Gigi, there are famous people in this house," I whisper, "That's why I should not walk in here, as you know I am not famous, you and Bella are, I am not," I add.

She opens her mouth to speak but I cut her off, "And I am absolutely horrible with knowing celebrities, you have met my mother," I point out "She rarely lets me watch or listen anything to do with the media," I rush. Its true my mom does not want me do anything but read and study, I've never even been to a party and my first one of course has to be with famous people.

"Okay babe, calm down, first of all me and Bella aren't really "famous" were just starting to get noticed, and second of all you want to model when you graduate to so its probably not a bad idea to go inside," she takes a quick breath, "And you will have fun, you look hot as fuck so lets go inside and show you off," she winks at me then starts walking towards the door.

"fine," I whine, I have a very worried feeling about this.

As Gigi opens the door we are greeted by fucking Kendall Jenner. Now is the time to run.

"Hey babes!" she squeals, giving Gigi a hug, "I'm so glad you made it!" she smiles, pulling back from the hug.

"How could I miss it!" Gigi replies. I'm going to try and manifest someone comes over to me and runs me over with there whole ass car.

Kendall then turns to me, "Oh, you must be Mia, I'm Kendall!" she says giving me a hug as well, hmm nows the time to come run me the fuck over.

"It's so nice to meet you!" Kendall squeals.

"You too!" I say giving a nervous smile, pulling away from her embrace.

"Weeell, you are going to have so much fun, I'm sure of it," she smiles, "And Gigi I have someone I really want you to meet," she adds turning to Gigi with a fat smile .

"Lead the way," Gigi giggles, Kendall then turns to the right to open another door, I'm guessing its the door to actually enter her house, cause right now we were in this little room before you go into the house- like a mud room.

I was right.

As soon as we walk through the door I'm hit with the smell of sweat, alcohol, and blazing lights hitting my face, there were bodies surrounding us everywhere, swaying side to side to the music, as we made it through the massive house and crowds of people, my nerves rise so god damn high.

We kept walking to the back of the house until we reached this spot in her house with couches surrounding the area with many people filling the seats, lots of people making out, and lots of people sitting on top of each other.

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