Chapter 21 :)

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It had been a few days since we told the public about our relationship. Most of the responses from our fans were really positive which made me really happy.
But sadly it was the end of our trip to Australia and we were all heading home.

It was a few hours before we were going to leave and we were packing our bags.
Techno and I finished packing first and we were laying down on the bed together.
I let out a long sigh thinking about how Techno and I weren't going to see each other for a long time.
Techno looked over at me, "You okay?" He asked me.
"I'm gonna miss you." I said turning over to face him.
"I know darling me too." He said hugging me, "But we can still call each other everyday and stream together"
"Mhm." I said snuggling into his chest and stayed like that for who knows how long.

We had arrived at the airport and I looked up to see that we had to board our flight in around 10 minutes.
Wilbur, Tommy and I had our flight first, so we decided to say goodbye.
I hugged Phil and Nikki goodbye telling them I will see them soon.
I looked at Techno and smiled at him lightly.
"I'm going to miss you Techno." I said hugging him trying not to cry.
"Darling don't cry, its all going to be okay." He said smiling lightly.
He cupped my face and kissed me softly.
"Love you Aphrodite."
"Love you too Baby." I said smiling and walked of with Wilbur and Tommy.
"You okay?" Wilbur asked me.
"Yeah, I'm all good." I said smiling lightly. I turned and waving goodbye one last time.

After a long flight and going through customs I was finally home. I got a text from Techno a bit after I arrived home.
Techno <3- Darling are you home?
Y/n- Yes I am baby are you?
Techno <3- Almost just in a cab.
Y/n- Okay, I might stream later since I haven't been online in a while
Techno <3- Okay, maybe I will join you. Love you!
Y/n- Love you too!

I first took a nap before setting up my stuff to stream.
I of course wanted to stream Minecraft, but most of the time I think I was just going to chat and answer questions.
Techno texted me saying that he was home safe and I finally decided to stream.
I smiled at the camera, "Hi Chat!"
~HI Y/n!~

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