Excellent Advertising Strategies for Nonprofits

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According to Matthew Brannelly, strong advertising can do wonders for your fundraising success. Advertising allows you to get the word out about your campaigns and events, which raises more awareness of your cause and work.

By running advertising campaigns, you'll reach more donors and keep engaging existing ones to see better fundraising results all around.

Learn some excellent advertising strategies with Matthew Brannelly that are sure to help your organization gain more exposure.

1. Take advantage of online affiliate programs

Many websites have affiliate programs in place, where a website will donate a portion of their profits to your organization in exchange for advertising their services or research says Matthew Brannelly, strategic advisor from Australia.

2. Explore ad retargeting

Ad retargeting allows your organization to show targeted advertisements to people who have visited your website. When visitors land on your site, an invisible piece of script is placed on their browsers.

3. Consider investing in FB ads

Using Facebook is an inexpensive way for your organization to run targeted ads says Matthew Brannelly. You can segment your followers into different lists based on location, interests, demographics, or other data points.

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