Living Again~ Twenty-Nine

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Friday afternoon I went to my locker and got my things while chatting with Hannah, Hailey was going to be late since she forgot to set her alarm, again. This girl will never change. I couldn't concentrate on what Hannah was saying because I was busy looking around for Luke. He always got here on time and I was worried. The bell rang so we left for class. 

We took our seats and I began mindlessly doodling on a piece of paper to keep myself distracted. He must be just skipping school. Ethan walked in with some of his friends, he caught my eye and gave me a small smile which I tried to return but failed. The teacher was about to start the class when Luke walked in. A gasp escaped my lips. I was too shocked at what I was seeing. His clothes were crumpled up, mud here and there. His lips seemed to be swollen, he had a black eye and a big cut on his forhead which was bleeding. What the hell.

I immediately got up and went over to him, everyone was probably looking at us since the class was silent, "Oh my god, what happened?!"

He just shrugged and smiled sadly, "Nothing, no big deal. I...uh.. just fell off the stairs. So I came to ask the teacher to sign my leaving form, the nurse told me to while she gets the ice pack and medicine ready."

I couldn't speak for some time. I just looked at his body, then he walked past me towards the teacher and got his form. It was impossible to get all those injuries just by falling off the stairs. He looked like.. like he was...beaten up or something. Shit. No.. no.. he wouldn't do that..would he? 

My head snapped towards Ethan's direction. He was watching me cautiously, that same unreadable expression on his face. Every one else in the class was looking at Luke. Ethan mouthed 'You okay?' and I just frowned slightly, trying to put it all together. 

"Thanks miss." I heard Luke say then he walked, wait he couldn't even walk, he limped past me and out the door. I can't believe this happened. I rushed after him, even though I could hear the teacher calling after me to stay in class. Luke did not deserve this. I caught up with him easily since he could barely walk.

"Luke." I said firmly, tugging at his arm.

He continued walking but I kept up with him. When he realised I wasn't leaving, he shrugged my hand off and said, "You should go back to class, really, I'm fine. I just fell."

"Look at me, Luke." He didn't. I whispered, "Please."

He sighed then turned to face me. My jaw dropped at his distorted figure. My hand reached up towards his face as I touched the swollen skin around his eyes, I just couldn't believe this happened to him. He flinched from pain and my hand quickly dropped. I was going to kill whoever did this to him.

"Luke. Tell me the truth."

"I told you. I fell." He said, avoiding eye contact with me.

I put my hands on his shoulders and looked at his face until he was forced to look back at me. "If you consider me a friend you would tell me the truth."

We looked into each other's eyes for a long time, until he finally sighed in defeat, "I got beaten up, okay? Happy now? That's the truth, I pretend to be all tough but no, they beat me!" He gasped for breath a few times after his sudden outburst. Then continued, "I thought they were my friends. I thought in time they would forgive me. But no, they had to show me  that I will never be accepted by them ever again."

He looked so.. broken. He backed up towards the wall and slid down against it to the floor. His body must be in a lot of pain. I quickly went over to him and hugged him tight. He had to know that someone cared. At that moment, I didn't think about how Ethan and his friends are behind all this, not that Brianna probably knew this was going to happen and didn't tell me or try to stop it, all that I could think of now was that Luke was hurt, and I might be the only person who would be there for him! 

I gritted my teeth to stop the tears from pouring out. This was not the time to cry. I gently nudge him, telling him we need to go. He got up slowly and I wrapped his arms around my shoulders, trying to support him. He was much bigger than me so it was difficult, but I noticed he was trying not to lean on me too much because then I would fall from his weight. 

We got to the nurse and he handed her the slip as she told him to lie down on the bed. She told him she will clean up the wounds then put plaster over them. As for the swollen eye and bruises over his body, he's have to put an ice pack. Then she looked over at me, "You can go back to class now."

I looked doubtfully at Luke but he just gave me a weak smile and said, "Go ahead. I'm fine now."

"Are you sure?"

"Yup, all good. Thanks a lot Marissa, you're the best friend I could ask for, especially at a time like this."

He smiled gratefully and I smiled back, my eyes almost tearing up at his honesty. Gosh, I was such a cry-baby. 

I finally got back to my senses then said, "Okay, but I'll come back after class to check up on you. We'll go back together like usual, I don't think you're able to drive anymore, I'll call my aunt up and tell her to pick us up."

He grinned again then waved me off, knowing the teacher would be pissed when I return to class.

I went back to the classroom, praying I wasn't in trouble for barging out like that. As I stepped in the teacher gave me an annoyed look muttering, "Look who decided to show up."

Such a jerk. I went and sat at my seat with Hannah and Hailey. Behind me was Ethan, I took one look at his face then avoided him. He just wasn't worth it right now. We could discuss this later.

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