Chapter Thirty-Seven

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WC: 6.8k
I didn't normally drink, never mind get drunk but the next evening was the last night of our trip and we drove a bit out of town to go to a gay bar. I'd put it on the itinerary as a maybe because of how nervous I was about going to a bar. But I knew Trace liked those sorts of things so I was trying to compromise.

I was wearing jeans and a t-shirt that was a little more snug than I was comfortable with but Trace's outfit was insane.  The two of us were in the bathroom, facing the mirror and getting ready for a night out.

I was just brushing my waves and adding some moisturizer to my hair. But Trace was leaning over the counter with an eyeliner pencil and adding eyeliner to his upper and lower lid. I'd never seen him wear any kind of makeup before and the effect was interesting. It made the dark pools of his eyes stand out but there was a lot more than just his eyes standing out.

"Are you really going outside like that?" I asked Trace nervously.

Trace gave me a wink through the mirror. "I always dress like this when I go out."

He was wearing pants with a series of buckles and zippers that hugged his rear and his thighs sinfully. It wasn't even that tight but the material seemed to emphasize...a lot. That wasn't even the worst part.

The worst part was the mesh...thing that Trace was wearing as a top. The mesh holes were large enough for me to see his piercings, the taut muscles of his stomach and chest and he'd put some kind of oil on his arms and chest that made them shine.

His outfit was the definition of distracting.  "I can see your piercings..." I notified him gently.

Trace grinned. "That's the point!" He blinked a few times in the mirror before putting his eyeliner kit away. Then he turned and put his hands on my hips. "I won't be the only one dressed like this at the bar but I am going to be the only one you notice."

I swallowed. "You dressed like that for me?"

Trace's cheeks took on a tinge of red. "Kind of....this is the part where you compliment me by the way."

"You do look nice," I admitted shyly, unable to keep my eyes off of all the skin on display. On display for me.

Trace upturned his face and kissed me on the cheek. "Thank you, baby. If you're ready we should head out."

I washed my hands in the sink and we got our stuff organized. Trace only carried his driver's licence, a credit card and a few other things were stuffed into his pockets that I didn't notice because I was busy calling us an Uber.

To my great relief Trace had a dark leather jacket that he wore which concealed a good amount of his outfit.

And then we were off and I was so nervous. I knew I'd put it on the itinerary but I still didn't know what to expect.

"Don't leave me," I blurted out suddenly as we were waiting outside for the car to pick us up.

Trace blinked. "What?"

"Even if you have to go to the bathroom don't leave alone there. I just don't want people to talk to me. Except you. I obviously want you to talk to me."

"It's a gay bar Darius and you're—well... People are definitely going to want to come up to you and come onto you and hit on you. Even if I'm there. And we honestly don't have to go to a place like that. They have that drive in movie theatre which is definitely more low key. I could go back and change and we can do that?"

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