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 A girl with a story and a lesson for everyone.

There was once a girl who had no idea how to talk, how to let anyone know how she feels. So, she listened to herself, a mistake she gravely came to regret later on.

 She was alone, she was left out. Her parents didn’t care, her friends thought she wasn’t good enough. She was trying, trying so hard to overcome what’s been stinging her for so long. She decided to feel, to get away from the numbness, the nothingness, and to feel she had to cut. 

She cut her beautiful arms one next to the other, cuts lined over and over and over again. She continued to do so. She never stopped why? 

Well, because no one, not one single person knew her distress, not one single person saw her broken self, not one single person saw how much she wanted love, how much she wished for warmth. When she couldn’t feel what she wanted to feel she began to feel what she didn’t want to.

 The razor gave her feelings, it gave her power over her circumstances because only she could decide if she wanted to make marks on her arms or cut deep enough and let go into the dark abyss. One day, she knew she wasn’t wanted anymore, she was nothing all she ever wanted was to leave and she did. 

She cut herself too deep and the last of her visions before closing her eyes was her parent's tear smeared face. She smiled one last genuine one and let go. 

Or so she thought! 

A few hours later she woke up to a blinding light and the smell of antiseptic in a hospital she awoke to a family that cared, she awoke to friends that wished her well being, she awoke to a lullaby of strangers she had passed by to and from school. She was confused and she was furious. She was confused why they suddenly cared, she was furious that it took them a suicide attempt to realize that she, herself was wanted or needed in that walk of life.

 But, little by little she realized how her parents wanted the best for her and worked hard, she realized how her friends had saved her from being punished countless times by the teacher and how they together bought her the reading books she had wanted badly, she realized how the strangers down her streets kept her from being assaulted.

 The tears were suddenly inevitable. When she wanted to scream and shout she couldn’t just because she misinterpreted their actions and she wants to make amends. 

She did, she started to get better people became more understanding and offered her the caring warmth, and love she always wished for. She then knew she wasn’t alone, she had a lot of people it’s that she had to look a bit closer.

We know how it feels like.

We are here for you.

If you are in crises or are considering self-harm then this number would give confidential support and power.

AASRA:- 91-22-27546669

Thank you for reading.

- Teen fix

Thank you for reading !

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