Birthday (Part 2)

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⚠️Smut Warning⚠️

🥀 3rd Pov 🥀

It's about 1 am now and the party is going great. Everyone is drunk except Todoroki and Kirishima. Well Bakugo was only a little tipsy.

"Babes! Look at this!" Bakugo exclaimed as he made his way over to his boyfriends. In his hand was a stick but there was a butterfly on one end of it.

Todoroki smiled and nodded his head. "That's cute, Babe," Todoroki said. Bakugo smiled and jumped a little, accidently dropping the stick. The butterfly flew off back outside.

"Aww," Bakugo said, a pout forming in his face. "Come on, let's go sit and talk to the birthday boy," Kirishima said, not wanting the blonde to be upset anymore. Bakugo smiled and let the two drag him to the couches.

They sat down and Todoroki pulled Bakugo into his lap. They started up a conversation with the greenette and layed back.

After a few minutes Bakugo started to fidget around, rubbing against a certain spot. Todoroki bit his lip and grabbed the blonde's hips to try and stop the moving. Bakugo, realizing what happened, smirked and continued to roll his hips.

Todoroki growled lowly in Bakugo's ear. "Stop moving," Todoroki said. Bakugo looked back and smiled innocently. "Why? Is something wrong?" Bakugo asked. Todoroki growled and Bakugo kept doing his thing.

After a few minutes Todoroki had enough and stood up abruptly, taking Bakugo with him. "Eep!" Bakugo squealed. Kirishima stood up too and said goodbye to Midoriya while Todoroki walked out of the house to their car. "Hey," Bakugo whined. "I was having a really nice chat with Deku!"

"Well you're about to have an even better time once we get to the house," Todoroki said with a smirk. Bakugo turned completely red and Todoroki sat the blonde down in the backseat and buckled him in. "Unless you wanna do it right here, right now," Todoroki growled out in the blonde's ear.

"N-not in front of Deku's house!" Bakugo screeched, pushing Todoroki back a little. Todoroki laughed before shutting the door and getting in the driver's seat. "Kirishima! Come on!" Todoroki yelled. "Coming!" Kirishima yelled back, running out the house and hopping into the car.

- - - - - - - - - -

They finally reached the house and Todoroki parked in the driveway.

"Come on," Todoroki said. He got out of his seat and went over to Bakugo, picking him up. "I can walk y'know," Bakugo said. "And?" Todoroki asked.

Kirishima opened the frontdoor and they all walked in. Immediately, Todoroki slammed the blonde against the wall, attacking his neck. "At least make it to the bedroom," Kirishima sighed out.

Todoroki growled but walked up the stairs into their now shared bedroom. After ripping Bakugo's shirt off, Todoroki dropped him on the bed and kissed him roughly. Bakugo could feel lust and longing in the kiss.

Holding back a moan Bakugo grabbed the shirt Todoroki is wearing. Todoroki growled and parted from the kiss. "I don't want you holding anything back," Todoroki growled out.

Kirishima then entered the room, cloth and a bottle of lube in his hands. The two looked at him, Todoroki smirking while Bakugo bit his bottom lip. He was kinda worried about his ass-

Todoroki turned back to the blonde and brushed his hair out of his eyes. "Are you okay with this, Kitten?" Todoroki asked. Bakugo blushed at the nickname but nodded his head yes. "Great," Kirishima said, giving the lube to Todoroki.

Todoroki swiftly stripped Bakugo until he was naked, Todoroki and Kirishima doing the same. Todoroki flipped Bakugo over so he was now on his hands and knees.

Todoroki lubed up his fingers a little. "This might hurt a little, hold Kiri's hand if you want," Todoroki whispered in Bakugo's ear. "Okay," Bakugo breathed out.

Todoroki pushed one finger in, Bakugo gritting his teeth. Todoroki started to move his finger before adding a second finger. Bakugo moaned at the pain, grabbing Kirishima's hand.

"Is our little pebble a masochist?" Kirishima asked, smirking. "Ngh~" Bakugo moaned as Todoroki added a third finger. Bakugo hung his head, panting a little.

Todoroki kept scissoring the blonde, getting a few moans here and there. Out of nowhere, Bakugo moaned loud, louder than the others. Todoroki smirked and whispered a quiet "found it" before speeding up his hand, hitting that same spot every time. "S-stop~," Bakugo moaned out. "Sorry kitten but no can do," Todoroki said.

Kirishima made his way under the blonde and started to suck and play with his nipples. Feeling the overstimulation, Bakugo could feel himself getting close to cumming. "I- I'm close~" Bakugo moaned.

Todoroki chuckled slightly before leaning down and grabbing the tip of Bakugo's dick, denying the blonde an orgasm. "No~" Bakugo moaned. "Please, let me cum," Bakugo said.

"Not yet," Todoroki said. "Daddy please~" Bakugo whined. Todoroki growled and squeezed on the blonde's dick a little. "Ow! Daddy stop!" Bakugo exclaimed. "You can't cum yet, quit asking," Todoroki growled.

Kirishima started to suck on the blonde's neck, usually hitting his sweet spot. Big tears started to fall down the blonde's face from the overstimulation. A broken sob left his mouth before Kirishima connected their lips. As they kissed, Todoroki sped up his hand a little more.

Bakugo broke away from the kiss as another sob left his mouth. By now Bakugo's whole body was shaking, his arms and legs about to give out any second.

All of a sudden Todoroki let go of Bakugo's dick and soon, Bakugo finally getting to cum. A silent scream left the blonde's mouth as cum shot out of him. His arms and legs gave out making the blonde land on top of Kirishima.

Kirishima helped the blonde through his orgasm, whispering sweet nothings into his ear. After he finished Bakugo's body still twitched, his eyes void of emotion.

"Holy shit. You broke him," Kirishima said. The redhead sat up and cradled the blonde in his lap. Todoroki scratched the back of his neck, a sheepish smile on his face. "I'm sorry," Todoroki said.

Todoroki leaned down to the blonde's face. "Are you okay?" Todoroki asked. Bakugo nodded slightly. "That... that was the best orgasm I've ever had," Bakugo whispered, still in a daze.

Kirishima and Todoroki both smiled before cleaning up and taking care of their little kitten/pebble. They three of them all fell asleep in each other's arms.

this shit took forever to fucking write. i lost motivation like 6 times😅.
welp, there it is. hope you enjoyed

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