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It was in the cool, crisp season of autumn where the fools sought solace among the strong. As the leaves continued to fall from trees, causing them to be bare as naked skin, it kept reminding you of the day the ripped cloth touched the dirty ground. Sure, Rosa did make things a little more bearable, but being the person you were, it was not satisfying enough. You stilled yearned for that moment -- a moment under the chandeliers. A new doom settled in your stomach, frolicking and growing, stealing every small glimpse of hope from you.

Watching from the window as you mindlessly broomed the house, the dust followed the thistles into a pile. Exhausted from the sleepless nights and relentless thoughts that bothered you while you laid alone in the dark, it took all your willpower to just even stand here.

A girl entered the living room and your shoulders lowered in relief the moment you realized it was Rosa and not Delphine. A hurried expression on her face, she quickly went up to you. "Mother will be away for a few hours, since she's meeting up with friends," she whispered to you. "I can take over your chores for the time being. You deserve some time off."

Eyes widening at her proposal, you stilled and the broom fell to your side. "Pardon any offense, but you are going to do chores?"

She rolled her eyes and smiled. "Of course. After all, I've helped out with... stable lover boy before," she said, winking at you, as if the two of you shared a big secret. To which, that was pretty true. Who knew how exhilarating it was to be in a secret?

Another problem prodded you. "And your sister?"

She sighed in annoyance at how paranoid you were. "I can deal with her. Trust me on this, please."

The fact that Rosa was willing to this for you was also shocking. Your heart warming within your chest, you knew you owed her big time for being so kind. "Do you know how amazing you are? Thank you so much for everything."

Flustered at the compliment, she scratched her head. "I know that. You do not need to tell me," she joked, her smile never fading. The appreciation you had for her was immeasurable.

A sudden need to visit Blaise filled your mind; you needed his wisdom and advice. Maybe he would have a solution to this hopeless feeling you were having... now was a good time to head to the toy shop. Although you may have been embarrassed to speak about your dreams of attending the ball earlier, perhaps you were close enough to him by now to divulge in this. With everything he'd already done for you, you trusted that he wouldn't make fun of something so personal.

"I think I shall venture outdoors for a while then," you informed the dark head.

She nodded and before you could give her the broom, she plunged one of hands into the depths of her skirts to take something out. Noticing it was a white envelope with a fancy rose print, you were taken aback when she handed it over to you. The warm feeling of the envelope upon your fingers, you glanced down at the fancy cursive that marked your name. "I almost forgot, but I found this envelope outside our door," Rosa pointed out. "You should be more cautious though. It was quite lucky how I found this before mother did."

"Thank you for this," you told. "I'll make sure to be more careful from now on." Placing the handle of the broom upon her hands, you waved her a last thankful goodbye and left the room. Still in your off-white dress and without your usual disguise, you decided you didn't have time to change. Putting on dirty, leather sandals, you walked through the hallways instead of exiting out of the front door. Once in the storage room, you hid the envelope under the mat and promised yourself to read it once you got home. It was probably a letter from Ira, but at the moment, you had other important matters to attend to.

Leaving the house through the back door, you crept around the side to reach the front. Soles touching upon solid road to replace the soft cushion of grass, you padded out of the gates of said property. Entering the familiar streets that were decently crowded, you began to run.

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