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This is NOT an update! Let me repeat this is NOT an update! if you haven't read the newest chapter then go read it:)

I see that a lot of people are a bit confused on the latest chapter lmao and I APOLOGIZE:3

Don't think that I'm going to tell you what happened because I'm not

It seems a bit confusing right now I understand but it will all make sense next chapter which I'm already working on!

I have been thinking that this next chapter (which will be Chapter 25) will be the last chapter of this book . . .

BEFORE YOU GET UPSET I'm not going to stop writing!!!

The story WILL continue I just don't know whether I should continue with the story in this book or make a sequel book where the story would continue. Soooo if any of you have a preference or could give me some ideas please oh please GIVE ME THEM>>>

So if your guy's preference is that Chapter 25 be the last chapter then there will be a sequel book<3

ALSO I want to thank all of my new readers for choosing to read my book because it means the absolute worldddd to me to see all the new people commenting and voting for my story! I love reading your guy's comments it makes my day!

I also recently hit 5k reads and that's sooo amazing<3 THANK YOU I LOVE YOU ALL

I also just want to apologize if I don't update the story that often! I'm a senior in high school so I'm quite busy with school work a lot and I LOVEEE to read so I'm always reading away.

And . . . I recently have been talking with a boy and going on dates or whateva🦭no biggy

Ok ok lmao I love you all and I'll be updating soon I pinky promise MWAH<3

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