Scenarios that I've come up with

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Requirements : it would probably need to be boy x girl, unless it would be cis girl x trans girl or cis man x trans man.

Person A and B were the star couple in high school, and they had a nasty breakup at the very end of the summer before college, where they both went to college. Fast forward a few years, they're like 23-24, Person B ( the guy ) comes back to their hometown, to find out that his ex has a 5-6 year old kid. Who looks like a mini replica of Person B. Person B confronts Person A about the child to learn indeed that it is his. We take it on from there


Requirements : uhm.. OCs would need to be long lost friends, and one of them ( preferably the dominant of the relationship ) moves back.

Person A and B were friends when they were little kids, and right before the start of middle school Person B moved away, which left Person A all by themselves, and then had to find a new way to cope. Years later ( senior year, beginning ) Person B comes back to find Person A has become one of the most popular people in school. Person A is also dating the captain of the football/volleyball team ( cliche, that's the point ). The relationship is very obviously abusive on Person A, and Person B decides to try and save their long lost best friend even if the romantic feelings aren't returned.

( I have a roleplay like this and I love it so much and I'm almost 100% certain that it won't take the turn that the other one has so yeah- here )


Requirements : dominant one of the relationships is a player

Person A ( submissive one ) was dating Person B ( dominant one ), who was a huge player around campus. But they fell in love, or so Person A had thought. One night A and B get into a fight which ends up in Person B going to a bar and staying out very late. Person A eventually went out in search of their lover to find them at a bar, with their friends. One of them laughs and beckons Person A over and asked how they could stand being with Person B after what they did. Person A was clueless, only for another friend to show them a video of Person B making a bet that they could take their virginity.

( yes this is based off of after. What about it )


Person A and Person B have been dating for a few months. They are an adorable couple and everything goes perfectly fine. They're in love and life is perfect. Until one day, when Person A calls Person B, damn near tears. And when Person B arrives, he finds his girlfriend is in distress. Person A tells him she's pregnant, and that the positive tests were on the counter. There on the counter, laid three positive tests. Person B then remembers that the condom broke, but they didn't think anything of it.


Muse A and Muse B were together when they were sixteen. Under some circumstances, They weren't allowed to see each other after something went down (family fight, a crime, someone moved away etc.) Now that they are older, muse b is determined to find muse a. Only when they do, they find out that muse a is engaged, but isn't exactly happy in the relationship. And they only have a few months to get muse a to fall back in love with muse b

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