Lower Abdomen Injury

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Kakashi's POV

"How about a drink when we get out of here? I heard there's a good new izakaya there," Shou said to me as he took out an apple from the fruit basket. "I could really use a drink right now."

"That sounds great," I replied. Our room which were occupied by three people has gotten larger since the pale looking girl left yesterday. Her injury was worse than me but she got out earlier. That's kinda strange. "How about the others? We should ask the others to come too. Think of it as a celebration for our last mission."

"Fine then, I'll let the other know,"

The truth is, I don't really want to hang out with them. I'm just curious about the girl who saved me the other day. I've never seen her before. That girl with ponytail and a fox liked ANBU mask. I can't let the other know that I'm curious. They will definitely laugh at me if they know.

Three days have passed and I'm standing in front of the new Izakaya in Konoha. Waiting for the others to come. After 10 minutes of standing, Shou and Yoshi walking to the Izakaya. Yoshi still has his right arm wrapped in bandage but he looks fine despite of that.

"Yo, Kakashi!" He shouted at me when he saw me. I nodded and look around. Where is that girl?

"Ah, if you're looking for Yuki, she said she'll be late. Ah! There she is! Yuki! Here!" Shou shouted at a girl with a high ponytail and a very, very pale skin whose stomach is wrapped in bandage. My eyes widen at the vision in front of me. That girl?!

The said girl smiled at us, "Hello, Shou, Yoshi," she stopped for a moment, "Kakashi."

"You're the girl in the hospital, aren't you?" I asked her. Surprised and feel slightly stupid at the fact that I didn't recognize her earlier. That lower abdomen injury was a great giveaway already!

"Yes, you idiot! You didn't know her before?" Shou asked me and I shook my head no. "I've never seen her face since we're always using our mask during the mission."

She laughed.

I feel slightly ashamed of myself. How can I not recognize her from her chakra signature? That's it. That is strange. How can I not recognize her? I'm always good at recognizing people from their chakra signature.

The night goes on with Shou getting drunk and Yoshi being the one to carry him home. And leaving me alone with this weird pale skinned girl.

"Are you not going home?" She asked me while we're standing in front of the Izakaya. I shook my head no. "What about you?"

"I think I want to walk around Konoha before I go home,"

"I'll go with you," I said. To be honest, walking around Konoha wasn't something I usually do. But, well, I don't know why I kind of want to do it now.

We walked for at least half an hour without saying anything to each other. But then, I decided to start the conversation.

"So, how did you manage to cover up your chakra?"

She shook her head, "I didn't. Maybe the injury deplete my chakra. I thought you already know it was me."

"Well, if I knew, I wouldn't ask you how did you get your injury back then."

"Yeah, I thought so too."

Silence again.

I'm not a person with many words so it's kinda hard for me to start another conversation. The silence is bugging me, however she doesn't seem to care at all. Her deep green eyes are always aiming forward, as if she's looking for something. But that exact pair of eyes has already caught my attention since the beginning. That beautiful pair of deep green eyes.

She walks in front of me all the time. And then, here we are, in the middle of the park.

"I like to be here," she said. I looked up and found she was looking at the night sky. "The quietness somehow manage to calm me down. And the scenery is soothing,"

"What's so good about the scenery?" I ask her. Rather confused at what she was talking about. It's just houses and shops of Konoha.

"You should look at the sky,"

I glanced up and there they are, the stars that adorn the night sky of Konoha. Beautiful.

"I've never look at the night sky like this,"

"You should," she said as she smiled to me. "This is a very common but beautiful thing you should treasure."

"You are right,"

Then, we stayed there. Again in silence. But now, the silence between us no longer bothers me. I can do this everyday.

It goes on for at least an hour before she sighed and said, "I should probably go home."

Unwittingly, I replied, "I'll walk you home."

She giggles and, to be honest, that was the cutest giggle I've ever heard came out of a woman.

"There's no need for doing that. I can walk alone. I'm an ANBU, remember?"

She got up and dust off her pants. "See you later,"

"Wait!" I shouted. She turned her head in confusion.

"Can I pick you up tomorrow? Well, if it's okay with you."

She smiled again.

"Okay. See you,"

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