Ella wakes up to the sound of birds chirping outside their window. She feels Niall's breath on her neck and she looks up. He's sound asleep, drool dripping out. Awww...

She smiles and tried to stretch, only to be reminded of last night's activities. Oh that's right...

She's not sore, but just tired as hell. She runs her hand over Niall's arms. He is so attractive...
She lifts his arm up so she can crawl out of his hold.

"There we go." She says, pushing herself up. Niall looks so innocent right now. His lashes resting on the top of the cheek, mouth in a small pout.

She kisses his forehead and slowly crawls out of bed. She slips on a white Tshirt and boy shorts.

Ella tip toes towards the bathroom and looks at herself in the mirror.

"What the fu-" she whispers and runs her hand over her face.

She's glowing. Literally fucking glowing from the sex last night. Holy shit.

"So it is true," she says to herself and fixes her hair. She splashes cold water on her face and towel dries it.

She moves her head to the right and left to check for any love bites. None, thank god.

She saunters back to the bedroom and sees Niall waking up. Slowly she crawls onto of him and nuzzles his cheek. "Wake up" she whispers against his ear.

Niall groans. "Nooooo."

She plants a kiss on his eye and sits on his naked lap. Oh.

"Babe," she says. "You've got a case of morning wood."

To that, he chuckles and opens his eyes. He blinks a few times and fixes his gaze on her. "Geez I wonder why."

She smirks and leans over. She kisses him very softly and rests her palms on his chest. "Hmm, I don't know."

"You're wearing my shirt." He states and looks at her face. "Sneaky."

"Well, I was too lazy to look in my bag." She smiles and Wiggles around on his lap. His eyes widen and his hands fly towards her hips.

"Stop Ella or I'll have to relief myself."

"Then how about I help you?" She grins and watches as his blue eyes grow wider. Ella grabs the hem of the Tshirt and lifts it over her head. She flips her hair over her shoulder and lets him enjoy the view.

"Fuck" he mumbles and reaches up. He runs his hands up her sides. "You're seriously so beautiful."

She flushes. "Oh stop it."

"It's true." He smiles and grabs the waistband of her boyshorts. "Let's take these off."

Ella stands, still hovering over his lap. She pulls down the underwear slowly and steps out of them.

Niall looks up and breathes. "This is such a great view, but I'd prefer if you sat on my lap."

Ella smirks and slowly goes back to sitting on his lap. Their bare skin rubbing against each other as she makes herself comfortable.

Ella presses her hands on his stomach and leans over to press a kiss on his chest. "I want you Niall."

"I ain't stopping you." He grins and runs his hand against her inner thighs. "How bad do ya want me?"

"Really-," she groans as he rubs her down there. "Really bad."

He reaches over to the nightstand and hands her the condom packet. She grabs it and tears it open. She scoots down onto his knees and grabs him. She slowly slides on the condom and kisses his happy trail.

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