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Precap :

Rikara went to beach. Fight with ajay, rikara moment 🙈, gauri got a call.

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G: who r u, where is mom..

C: I'm dinesh.. From city hospital Mumbai

G: wh.. Where is.. Mo.. Mom

C: maam... She and her husband faced an accident...


C: you pls come here..

G: haa.. I will be there in 30minutes

He cuts the call.. Gauri stood like a rock

O: kya hua ri..

G: we should go to city hospital.. Jaldi.. Come

By saying this she draged him to the passenger seat and she drives to hospital..

They reached..

They went to reception..

G: where is Mr. And Mr. Shakthy sharma..

R: who are you?

G: im.. Im their daughter..

R: we are sorry ma'am they are no more😔

G: wh.. What 😨

(I don't want to drag tht cn)

It's being 1 month.. All rituals of shanky were finished.. Our gauri is changed alot.. Not chirpy or happy.. Always crying or in mood off.. According to Jhanvy's (Om's mom) instruction.. Om is living with her. He is also sad because he lost his favorite pinky mom and shaky pa ( he used to call shakthy like tht from childhood ).. And more over tht he miss his crime partner who is now dull..


Gauri is making brakefast and om is in call..

O: so when will u reach here..


O: achaa tk.. I will inform her.. Bye

He cuts the call.. And sighs.. Then he walked to kitchen to see a shoking sight.. Milk is over boiling and ri is crying by looking out of the window.. He runs to the stove and offed the stove the he hold her shoulder..

O: Ri..

Gauri turned and hugged hi tightly then cried..Om become shoked but he slowly rubbed her back..

G: i don't have anyone omkaraji.. Everyone left me.. I'm orphan now..

O: who said u don't have anyone.. You have your jaanimaa, teju, rudy, dadimaa.. All of them loves u dear.. Pls stop crying..

Gauri  came out of the hug..

G:(crying) im.. I'm sorry..

O: its ok Ri.. Now come have your breakfast..

While both of them having breakfast.. They heard some people calling her from outside.. Rikara looked eachother confusingly the Ri went to open the door.. When she opened it both rikara become shoked to see whole village infront of them..

G: what happened? Why u all are here?

V1: ooh so maharani don't know abt anything huh.

V2: we all thought that u r a good girl.. But u showed your asli chehera aftar your parents death..

Rikara are standing like a rock.. They can't understand the situation.

O: what are you talking about? Why u all are shouting at her?

V1: we are low class but tht doesn't means we are cheap like her.

Now gauri starts to cry and Om starts to lose his cool.

O:(stern voice) wht the hell are you talking about?

V3. Hey Mr. Who wre u to ask..? Ooh her boyfriend ryt?

Rikara wide-eyed..

G: hey mind your words.. He is my frnd.

V1: huh frnd? Who will leave with a frnd thts too a boy for 1 month.

V3: don't think that we are fools.

V2: we know very well that you both are sharing beds

O: (shouting )ENOUGH....don't dare to utter a word.. If u dare.. U will come to know who is OMKARA SINGH OBEROI.

V1: what u r an Oberoi.

V2: so thts why she sticks on you.

V3: you can shut our mouths but listen we wont allow these type of behavior in our village..

V1: you shameless girl.. Aftr somedays he will throw you.. Thn wht will u do who will marry you?

Gauri is crying hardly.. Then she saw ajay is standing there.. She runs to him.

G: Aj.. Ajay.. Pls tell to them.. I'm not tht type.. Pls ajay.. And tell them h loves me.

Buy saying this she started to cry..

A: I'm sorry Gauri.

Rikara looked at him Shockley..

G: wht...... U.... Mean?

A: i mean i believe you but my parents won't allow me to marry u.. Afterall u leaved with him for  month na.. So

Before he complete la his words he felt a tight slap from Om.

O: i said don't dare to aay a word which hurts her..

Gauri is fully broken now... Villagers are shouting at Rikara and questioning Gauri's character.. Om is boiling in anger.. He saw that one car is coming to them.. Ande 2 persons came out from tht.. Rikara become hell shocked to see them.

Hehe... So how is the twist? 😜

Hmm.. Any idea of tht 2 peoples?
Wht will rikara do now? How will they make Villagers calm?

For knowing this.. Keep reading this.

crazyrikarian here is your boyfriend 😂

Dedicated to rikara0crusher

With lots of love Anu.

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