The morning after

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Here we go finally a new update. Thank you all for being patient. I am glad to have the problem solved. This is dedicated to everyone who stuck around throughout this story, and to all  the new readers. So without further ado....the next chapter ladies and gentz. Enjoy. This is some filler and some setup. Next update by the weekend.

  I woke up surprised that Derek was still in bed. Not only was he still in bed but he had one leg draped over my side and his arm around me. I needed to see what time it was, but I was trapped. He looked so peaceful I didn't want to wake him. The past few weeks have been so stressful and I know he hasn't slept like he should most nights.

I decided to take in the beauty of the room. I still couldn't believe this was where we would live. Of course there would be some things I would decorate on my own but he really did do a great job with this. I especially loved the fireplace. I couldn't wait to stock the bookshelves and sit down by the fire and read. I am beginning to sound like an old lady, I thought. I should really be thinking about doing other things by the fire like last night. Glancing over at the fireplace I see my clothes scattered around the floor.

I jump up quickly from the bed and yank the blanket wrapping it around me.

"What the.." Derek jumps off the bed. I was completely shocked. There he stood, naked.

"Whats wrong love? Did something happen?" Hes coming towards me and I cant move. He is naked.  Finally I get myself together as he is standing a foot in front of me reaching towards me.

"Put some clothes on Derek, you are  naked. I cant believe we slept naked," I could feel my cheeks flush and I knew I was blushing.

"Oh, I see." He grinned, he looked like the Cheshire cat. He yanked the blanket from me almost making me fall to the ground.

"How dare you?"

"Isa, love I am sorry to say but I have seen all of you, so no use in hiding behind that blanket." He said.

"The lights were off," I countered yanking the blankets back.

"The fireplace was lit, and it gave off a really nice glow," He laughed. The nerve of him to actually laugh.

I figured now was a good time to get dressed, I bent very carefully and grabbed my clothes up.

"Are you looking for these?" He was holding up my underwear. My face turned fifteen shades darker. How dare he. I reached over trying to grab my panties from him. I wasn't close enough. It was becoming harder to hold this blanket and  the clothes. If only i was a few inches closer, I thought.

"Problem love?" he asked.

"Derek, give me underwear please?" I pleaded.

"That's all you had to do love, is ask." He walked up and placed them in my hand. "I will even walk out to give you time to shower and change, but just know that I will be seeing that body later love," and with a smirk he was gone.

After a nice hot shower I headed downstairs. I wasn't sure if there was even food here yet, but my stomach was growling. It was already almost noon, and I know we had so much to do today. Derek was at the  table when I walked into the kitchen. There was a bag from McDonald's sitting on the table.

"Do you feel better? I bought us some lunch. I didn't get there in time for breakfast." He shrugged.

"Lunch is fine. I'm starved." I took a Big Mac and fries out the bag. It had been a while since I have had McDonald's. Mom always cooked such great food we didn't eat fast food much.

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have taken the blanket from you." He whispered.

"I'm sorry i freaked out. This is all new to me. I know it wont be the last time you see me that way. We are mated now." Just saying that made me tingly all over. I was happy to finally be mated to the man I loved. I always hated that term. Mated. I mean like we are dogs are something. But damn if this man doesn't have me saying things like that.

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