2. Her

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“Hey,” Cana frowned as I met up with her after the concert. She was as inebriated as a Succubus could get off mortal alcohol—which wasn’t much—and looked a little irritated.

“Hey. No takers?” I smirked.

She huffed, crossing her arms over her large chest. “These assholes wouldn’t know beauty if someone stuck it in their face. Which I did.”

I snorted, trying to hold back a laugh. “Should we head home then?”

She quirked an eyebrow at me, glancing back towards the stage. “Why didn’t you screw up the sound?”

“Couldn’t get it to work,” I shrugged, avoiding her gaze. Actually, I’d had the cords in my hands, and had been halfway through rigging them.

Then he had come onto the stage.

By the time I had been able to force myself to look away, the concert had ended and he was walking back off the stage. What the hell came over me? Sure, he was beautiful—he was an angel! It’s practically their job to be beautiful! I couldn’t believe I had let him get to me. “Idiot,” I growled at myself, under my breath.

“Hm?” Cana asked.

“Nothing,” I smiled. “We’ll just get the next concert. I heard it’s only a state over. Feel like a road trip?”

“Hell yes!” She shouted.

“Great,” I giggled. “Let’s get out of here.” The two of us snuck out the back doors, slipping easily passed the humans guarding it—I assume to keep weird fangirls away from the musicians, since they used the back doors.Which will be the perfect place to transform and fly out of here.

“I’m still not believing your story, by the way,” Cana said once we were outside.

“What do you mean?” I frowned, trying to act like I didn’t know what she was talking about. Again, she quirked her eyebrow.

“There’s nothing in this world you can’t sabbatoge if you tried hard enough, so I know something happened to keep you from rigging the explosion you had planned.” A knowing smirk suddenly spread across her face. “Or something distracted you.”

“It was nothing,” I snapped. “I just couldn’t figure—”

Someone chose that moment to walk through the back doors, interrupting our conversation. “On to the next city,” someone chuckled.

“Yeah,” a second person answered. I paused at the second voice, immediately recognizing it. After hearing it just moments before, I would know it anywhere.

I turned, letting out a small gasp when my eyes locked with crimson ones, and again I was frozen.


As soon as the set was over, I rushed off the stage, wanting to get away from that blue-haired woman and her gaze. It felt as though she were looking into me, and her hazel eyes sent a weird chill down my spine.


I put my hand up, catching the towel that had been thrown to me. “Thanks,” I said, wiping my face, neck, and chest with it. I was burning up even more than usual for some reason. It’s because of her. I shook myself, looking up at the blonde angel who was my manager, along with my best friend.

“What’s with the look, Laxus?” I asked, noticing his curious frown.

“What happened out there?”

I frowned. “I thought it went pretty well.”

“I mean during the first song. I couldn’t see because of the lights, but something distracted you. You stopped singing for a few seconds.”

“Did I?” I asked, playing innocent. Angels couldn’t lie, so there was no way I could get around a direct question. Luckily, I hadn’t even been sure myself that I had actually stopped singing. I had been so engrossed in that woman’s hazel eyes that I hadn’t been paying attention to much, actually.

“You did,” he nodded. “So, what distracted you?”

I shrugged, deciding on silence. It isn’t any of his business. I’m not sure why she was so distracting, anyways. Something had seemed different about her, but I couldn’t figure out what it was.

“Whatever,” he sighed, opening the back doors as we escaped the crowd of screaming girls. “On to the next city.”

I nodded, still thinking about the blue-haired woman. “Yeah.” I looked up when I heard a small gasp, looking into a pair of wide hazel eyes.

“Ohhh! Now I see!” A brunette beside the bluenette laughed, slapping her on the back. “Yeah, that’s pretty distracting!”

“Cana!” She gasped, tearing her eyes away from me as she looked at her friend, seemingly horrified. I wasn’t really paying attention to the other woman, only able to gawk at the tiny bluenette. Up close, she was even smaller than she had appeared in the crowd. I noticed the boots giving her a few extra inches, and I almost laughed, imagining how short sheactually was.

Laxus stepped forward, frowning. “What are you two doing here?” He asked.

The brunette also stepped forward, and it was then I realized why he seemed so tense. She was a succubus. Which meant the bluenette was also a demon. “It’s a rock concert,” she huffed, “what the hell do you thinkwe’re here for?”

“To cause trouble, most likely,” Laxus frowned.

She smirked, taking another step towards Laxus, nearly touching him with her breasts, “that’s exactly right. But unfortunately there didn’t seem to be any takers. Are you offering, big boy?” I watched in shock as she gently stroked down Laxus’s arm with her finger. People usually avoided the man, considering how large he was. He stepped back, looking almost just as shocked, causing the succubus to burst into laughter.

Turning to her friend, she smirked. “I forgot, angels aren’t supposed to have dirty thoughts, are they?” To us, she sighed, “oh well. I guess I’ll just have to look but not touch. But if you’d ever like me to, just say the word. The name’s Cana.”

“Cana,” the bluenette sighed, smirking. “Let’s go.” She glanced at me, then turned away as if she were forcing herself not to look at me. I watched as her appearance shifted, and her wings and tail were revealed. Although I never got to see her face, I could spot a few blue scales on her shoulders and legs as she flew off with the succubus close behind her.

“Nothing distracted you, huh?” Laxus asked, crossing his arms as he frowned at me.

I cleared my throat, looking away from the demon’s shrinking form. “Don’t we have a new city to get to?”

So, she’s a demon. I didn’t think I had ever seen anything like her kind before. She was a mystery, that’s for sure. First she showed up to the concert and didn’t do anything, and then she turned out to be some sort of demon that I couldn’t give a name to.

As I sat on the bus, staring out the window as we went on to the next city, I couldn’t get her out of my head. Although I knew I’d probably never see her again, I couldn’t stop thinking about her. Nor could I stop the strange feeling that took root in the pit of my stomach. It was unsettling, and told me that I probably hadn’t seen the last of her.

And I was rather happy about that

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