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The information was out to the public now

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The information was out to the public now. Published in news articles and magazines, everyone now knew that we were Eldians, everyone now knew the truth of the walls and the truth of the King. It was now common knowledge that there were humans outside of the walls. According to some of Bertolt's memories that Armin obtained, Marley was going to invade Paradis in the near future for resources and their plan began at the fall of Shiganshina.

"Hey, you heroes of the walls!" Hitch approached us as I fixed Jean's buttons for his formal Scout attire. We all were to wear long and slim ugly green jackets with our Regiment print on them for our Medal ceremony and funeral/memorial for every fallen soldier and Jean was too dumb to button it up properly. "I just came to see you guys receive your medals." She waves as she walks to us. Despite her smirk, I could see the hint of sadness behind her eyes. 

"Marlo was... Brave until the end," Jean says to her as I step aside, studying Hitch. "Right, Floch? Tell her."

"Right..." Floch tenses. "Marlo Freudenberg was an urgent recruit just like me. But he managed to bring us recruits together. The situation was hopeless and the Survey Corps were on the verge of ruin. He inspired us when we lost hope. He was an amazing person--"

"I know," Hitch cuts in, looking down at the ground. "That's probably why he never listened to me," she glances at me from under her long lashes. 

"But in the end, I'm sure he regretted being there." Floch says suddenly, making me slap him on the back of his head. Hitch tenses up, her body trembling a little as her eyes flutter. She turns to leave, muttering a joke as she speed walks away.

I give Floch a long and hard glare as he glares at Armin. "I know how desperate you were to revive Commander Erwin."

"That's right," says Floch, taking a step towards Armin. "It should've been Commander Erwin, not you! It's your fault he's gone and I'm not the only one that thinks that! We all do. Everyone that read the report thought the same thing: why wasn't Erwin the one picked?"

Armin looks down at the ground, his brows knitting together with regret and self-hatred. I walk up to Floch, blocking his view of Armin. "I think that it should've been Armin, besides, who gave you the right to comment anyways?"

"The only reason Armin was chosen was because you," he huffs, turning to me. "And Captain Levi brought your emotions into it. You thought it was all yours so you made your own decision," he points a finger in my face. "Basically, it was too hard for you to let go of someone important. It's your fault Erwin's dead."

My previous anger faded and I shrank back, looking at Floch with wide eyes. "Everyone thinks that," he adds. "And to think he let you be Section Commander." 

I avert my gaze from him and look down, taking a step back. I feel a strong hand on my back, "Hey, you should shut your mouth," Eren gritted from beside me, his voice a low growl. He steps closer to Floch and Floch turns to him.

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